Underground Race Of Aliens: UFOs And Alien City Exist Inside The Earth

In 1946, scholars began discussing an unknown underground race of aliens for the first time. This occurred following the writer, journalist, and scientist Richard Shaver’s disclosed to the readers of the American paranormal magazine, fascinating yet baffling Stories of his encounter with an underground race of aliens.

Underground Race Of Aliens: UFOs may exist inside the Earth

The Encounter With The Underground Race Of Aliens

According to Shaver, he spent many weeks in the underworld of mutants, which are comparable to demons and have been described in ancient traditions and human folklore. By the way, virtually every nation has similar mythology about an underground race of aliens that lived on the planet Earth millions of years before the first human foot touched it. They are infinitely knowledgeable, talented, and culturally evolved, and they have no desire to interact with humans.

One might attribute this “contact” to the author’s wild imagination if not for the hundreds of responses from readers who claimed to have visited underground cities, communicated with their inhabitants, and witnessed various technological miracles providing not only a comfortable existence for the Earth’s underground inhabitants but also the ability to control the consciousness of earthlings.

Strangely enough, this astounding story had a profound effect on scientists and re-ignited interest in the paranormal. However, the 17th-century English scientist Edmund Halley, as well as novelists Jules Berne in his novel Journey to the Center of the Earth, Edgar Poe in Arthur Gordon Pym’s Narrative, and others, all asserted in their writings that the Earth is an empty sphere.

Additionally, during the 18th and 19th centuries in the United States of America, the notion of equipping a special scientific expedition to demonstrate that our world is a hollow sphere and that it is possible to explore its depths via holes in the earth’s crust was contemplated.
However, as time passed, it became clear that underground travel is not as simple as it seemed.

By far the deepest hole is one on Russia’s Kola Peninsula in Murmansk, dubbed the “Kola well.” Beginning in 1970, it was drilled for research purposes. After five years, the Kola well had reached a depth of 7 kilometres (about 23,000ft). Work proceeded until 1989 when the drill became trapped in rock just over 12 kilometers (almost 40,000 feet or 8 miles) deep. That is the current human depth record. Thus, the Earth’s shell is far greater than what scientists can discover.

Underground Race Of Aliens: UFOs may exist inside the Earth

Third Reich scientists were also fascinated by the enigmatic underground world. For instance, in 1942, with the cooperation of Goering and Himmler, an expedition comprised of the most advanced minds in National Socialist Germany set out to investigate an underground civilisation in an atmosphere of extreme secrecy.

The “home” of antiquity’s super-developed peoples was said to be on the Baltic Sea island of Rugen. Additionally, the expedition had other objectives. German scientists sincerely hoped that by burying fundamentally new radar units, they would come near to achieving their aim of world dominance.

In 1963, two American miners, David Fellin and Henry Thorne observed a massive door behind which marble steps descended while mining.

The Story takes us to August 13, 1963, in Sheppton, Pennsylvania, which is located in the anthracite coal district of Schuylkill County in eastern Pennsylvania and is the site of the infamous Sheppton Mine Disaster and Rescue. Three guys were stranded 330 feet beneath the earth when a mine shaft collapsed.

Two weeks later, on Tuesday, August 27th, two of the miners, Henry Throne and David Fellin, were safely rescued after rescuers successfully drilled a 17 1/2-inch and later a 28-inch borehole into their chamber, while the third miner, Lou Bova, perished due to being trapped in another part of the mine.

The story of Throne and Fellin’s survival and rescue captivated the world, but it was what they claimed they saw and heard while entombed that captivated the public, statements that both men swore to their authenticity, both privately and publicly, emphatic declarations that they took to their graves, despite the fact that others believed they had witnessed the same hallucinations simultaneously.

David Fellin’s ‘affidavit’ was printed in the Philadelphia Inquirer on August 29, 1963, wherein he remarked how:

“Now they’re trying to tell me those things were hallucinations, that we imagined it all. We didn’t. Our minds weren’t playing tricks on us. I’ve been a practical, hard-headed coal miner all my life. My mind was clear down there in the mine. It’s still clear.”

Fellin went on to remark, how some of the things he and Throne saw, they couldn’t explain in words, while on the other hand, he stated that:

“On the fourth or fifth day, we saw this door although we had no light from above or from our helmets. The door was covered in bright blue light. It was very clear, better than sunlight. Two ordinary looking men, not miners, opened the door.”

We could see beautiful marble steps on the other side. We saw this for some time and then we didn’t see it… We saw many other things like that that you couldn’t explain. But I’m not going to tell you about them because I feel too deeply about all this.”

Other miners building an underground tunnel in England heard the noises of operating mechanisms coming from below. A staircase leading to an underground well was also revealed after the stone mass was torn through.

The noises of running machines became more audible. Fearful to death, the workmen fled, and upon their return to this location, they discovered that neither the entrance to the underground well nor the stairs had been discovered.

In the 1970s, fascinating photos were collected by an American satellite and were circulated widely in Western scientific journals: in the location where the North Pole should be, the satellite spotted a black spot with the correct shape, resembling a massive hole. If not for identical photographs obtained a few years later, it might be conceivable to credit these images to equipment failures.

Additionally, the anthropologist James Macken’s testimonials are fascinating, since he explored a cave in Idaho that is infamous among the indigenous population. After several hundred meters of cautious travel along a vast stone hallway, Makkena and his colleagues heard shouts and groans, and soon awful discoveries in the form of human bones loomed before them.

Unfortunately, further excavation of the cave, which was regarded as the entrance to the underworld in these parts, had to be halted: the sulfur stench was absolutely intolerable.

In the perspective of experts, geologists do not subscribe to the hypothesis of the Earth’s omnipresent cavity, however they do not rule out the possibility of massive empty places in its depths.

It is improbable that humans could survive there because our planet has not only a very high temperature, but also a dearth of oxygen, as well as a variety of other gases incompatible with human life. All of this inspired inquisitive experts to propose a fresh hypothesis: could the underground society be alien in origin?

And why would you not? Perhaps alien entities, weary of mankind’s constant wars and strife, relocated below, from which they continue to view our evolution and they occasionally appear from beneath the planet, not from distant galaxies. They spend time in the sky in flying saucers, come into contact with people, and subject them to their horrific experiments.

However, a real question arises here: if our Earth remains hollow on the inside, why hasn’t the entry to the underworld been located yet? The group of American experts got closest to the truth, implying that underground cities exist in the fourth dimension.

And only when the Earth’s electromagnetic field changes periodically do surface tunnel portals open, revealing underground cities and their residents. This is not always doable.
If we truly believe that intelligent entities exist in the depths of our earth, many puzzling phenomena will find an explanation.

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