Strange UFOs Over Ukraine, Harvard Astronomer Finally Has An Explanation

Avi Loeb, who leads a team of scientists searching for evidence of alien technology on Earth and in our solar system, has reasoned that scientists observed artillery shells and that a war zone is not the best setting to look for UFOs. We will discuss what could the UFOs Over Ukraine actually be.

Strange UFOs Over Ukraine, Harvard Astronomer Finally Has An Explanation
Left: Prof. Avi Loeb. 
Right: An image of alleged UFOs spotted over Ukraine by local astronomers. 
Credit: Zhilyaev, Petukhov & Reshetnyk 2022.

Nearly a month ago, Ukrainian astronomers published a report detailing what they thought were unexplained aerial phenomena, or UAPs, hovering over the war-torn region. Now Harvard alien hunter astronomer Avi Loeb has weighed in on science from Kyiv and found a realistic explanation for the puzzling observations.

Loeb said that many people had contacted him to express himself on the matter, but that he had not given it much importance for a more than logical reason: the skies over Kyiv are the last place where people should look for UFOs at the moment.

“In science, we are trying to minimize noise so that we can pick up the signal, and therefore Ukraine would be the last place on earth I would look for unidentified aerial phenomena… The noise level is very high,” he commented. “Ukraine is at war, and during a war, there are many things flying in the sky. Drones, planes, artillery shells, and satellites would conflict with any observation of the sky. It is something like saying: “I want to find the stars that are in the Milky Way galaxy and I will look for them during the day”.

The Analysis Of UFOs Over Ukraine

But that all changed when Sean Kirkpatrick, the newly appointed head of the Pentagon’s All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office ( AARO ), showed up at Loeb’s house and asked him to investigate the UAP phenomenon. According to the Harvard man, Kirkpatrick didn’t mention the Kyiv report specifically, but he reminded him of it later that night and decided to work on his observations in the morning. Within an hour, he concluded that they were off the distance from the objects by “a factor of ten” and published an article giving more details.

The Ukrainian study identified two types of objects that it labeled “ghosts” and “cosmic.” The ghosts were dark objects and the cosmic ones were luminous. He focused on ghosts at first because if they’re dark, it means they’re blocking light and are probably in Earth’s atmosphere. The paper suggested that these ghosts were 3 to 12 meters long and moved at speeds of up to 15 km per second over a distance of up to 10 to 12 km.

One of the “ghost” UFOs against the background of the Moon. 
Credit: BE Zhilyaev et al.

According to Loeb, an object fitting that description would cause an incredible disturbance in the atmosphere like a fireball and the energy released by it would be equivalent to the amount consumed by everyone on Earth. “They certainly don’t claim to have seen a fireball. The objects are dark. They call them ghosts. They don’t see anything. So, they made a mistake.”

Objects moving through space displace matter around them. When a bullet leaves a gun, it displaces the air and makes a distinctive cracking sound. When a jet is going faster than the speed of sound, the pressure waves create a sonic boom. And, according to Loeb, with respect to meteors, “a tenth of the kinetic power is radiated in the optical band.” Anything of the size and speed described in the Kyiv document would create such a noise and cause a similar explosion of sound and light.

Instead, Loeb believes the explanation for the “ghosts” in Ukraine is something much more common during the war: artillery.

“If the phantom objects are ten times closer than suggested, then their angular motion in the sky corresponds to a physical speed ten times less (v ∼ 1.5 km s−1) and their inferred transverse size would be ∼ 0, 3–1.2 meters, both characteristic of artillery shells,” he wrote in his article on the subject. As for the luminous object observed by the Ukrainian astronomers, Loeb concludes that it is probably a satellite.

The UFOs Over Ukraine

Both Russia and Ukraine have launched artillery shells during the war, and this simple explanation makes a lot of sense. However, when asked for comment, BE Zhilyaev—one of the Ukrainian authors of the original paper—adamantly stood by his findings.

I’ve read Avi Loeb’s article, I know his opinion,” he said. “He is a theoretician. We are experimenters. We observe, process, and determine the characteristics of the data. Our publication contains precisely such data. We are not in the interpretation business. Avi Loeb is trying to interpret our data. This work contains a discovery. Bright and dark objects. Our work can be repeated and verified, although this is a challenging experiment. Our object characteristics are very similar to those described by US military pilots and Canadian civilian pilots.”

Of course, the Harvard astronomer did not hesitate to go to the crossroads.

“My answer is simple,” Loeb said in another article after reading what Zhilyaev had to say. “Being an experimentalist or a theoretician is not relevant. All scientists, whether experimentalists or theoreticians, must use logic.”

“Logically, the fact that the objects were dark means that they blocked the light coming from the sky. The required electromagnetic interaction with light implies that ghost objects must also interact with air molecules. There is no logical way for ghost objects to block light but not air molecules because the cross-section of the electromagnetic interaction of air molecules with matter is greater than that of light with matter,” he explained.

A popular refrain from people in the UAP community, when faced with evidence like this, is that whoever or whatever is behind the phenomenon has access to technology beyond our understanding. But Loeb argues that advanced technology must still, in effect, follow the laws of physics.

“I say that’s not possible,” Loeb said. “Because how do you detect these objects? You detect them by the fact that they are dark. In order for them to be dark against the background of the daytime sky, they must block light. Light is electromagnetic, it requires an electromagnetic interaction… So if you block the light, you have to collide with the air molecules. You can’t, on the one hand, say that an object is blocking light and at the same time say that it will pass through the air without pushing on it. That is not possible”.

However, at this point, it is worth recalling that Navy pilots have indeed stated that, during their encounters with UAPs, the objects did things that defied known laws of physics. Unfortunately, the instrumental data to prove it has not yet been released to the public—although it is assumed that it was seen by some politicians in confidence—so for now, Loeb can be given the right on this “ghost” issue. about Ukraine.

To conclude, and putting aside the interpretations of one side and the other, the very remarkable fact is that someone in the Pentagon was concerned enough about these objects over Ukraine to contact a scientist and ask him. He already tells us something…

What do you think about the UFOs over Ukraine?

Source: Motherboard / Avi Loeb

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