The emerald tablets of Thoth : Are the Reptilians owners of the World?

Maurice Doreal, whose real name was Claude D. Dodgin, was born in Sulfer Springs, Oklahoma in 1898 and died in 1963. He translated the emerald tablets and founded the White Temple Brotherhood in Denver around 1930. Doreal claimed that while he was lecturing In Los Angeles in 1931, he encountered two Atlanteans who transported him to a gigantic cavern 19.31 km below Shasta. Subsequently, Doreal developed an elaborate cosmology of the Earth’s interior, including descriptions of underground races drawn from the alleged testimonies of the Atlanteans.(tablets of Thoth)

tablets of Thoth

In 1925 he translated the Tablets of Emerald, attributed to the also legendary Egyptian god / priest Thoth, who was the keeper of knowledge more than 38,000 years ago. In this text, in a chilling way, it is described that in this world come beings from the underworld attracted by blood, who take human body and who live among us to submit and dominate us.(tablets of Thoth)

According to his memoirs, Maurice had contact with the so-called “Ascended Masters” beings of higher spiritual evolution who live in a plane or astral dimension who allowed him to have access to the understanding of the Emerald Tablet and not only to a fragment which is a small cryptic text from which much current philosophy is revealed (like the one in the book The Secret)(tablets of Thoth)

Maurice had access to the complete book of which narrates in his translation the existence of these beings who take flesh and live like us. Beings reptiles in their primordial nature that take positions of authority and govern the destiny of humanity. Maybe that is why we are always at war and there is constant bloodshed in the world.

Ancient records describe that the Reptilians came formerly and mixed with people; however, there came a time when they went into the shadows, symbolically and literally, and hid behind the apparent human aspect of their hybrid lineages.

The Emerald Tablets, supposedly discovered under a Mayan temple in Mexico, describe the Reptilians, their ability to transform and the way they possess people in positions of power. These documents coincide remarkably with recent experiences and reports.(tablets of Thoth)

His full name is Tablas de Esmeralda de Thoth, which was a deity of the Egyptians. They are said to be 36,000 years old and were written by Thoth, an “Atlantean king-priest” who supposedly founded a colony in Egypt. Their tablets, tells the story, were taken to South America by the Egyptian “pyramid priests”, who finally kept them under a Mayan temple dedicated to the sun god in Yucatan, Mexico.(tablets of Thoth)

Maurice Doreal, the translator of these tables, states that he recovered them and finished translating them in 1925. According to him, only later they gave him “permission” to make part of their content public. The reader can read the entire story and the content of the tables in English on this web page: : // crystalinks . com / emerald . html

There is also a book. However one does not have to believe all the details of this story to notice the similarity between what these tables say and what is being discovered today. The tablets speak of the “children of the shadows” who manipulate this reality:

“I speak of the ancient Atlantis, I speak of the days of the Kingdom of Shadows, I speak of the coming children of the shadows. They came out of the great depth, called by the wisdom of the men of the Earth with the purpose of getting great power.

In the remote past, before Atlantis existed, the men of those times were the ones who delved into the darkness, using dark magic, calling beings from the great depth below us. Then they entered this cycle, they were amorphous, of another vibration, and they existed hidden for the children of the men of the Earth. Only with blood could they form a being, only through man could they live in the world.(tablets of Thoth)

In past ages they were defeated by the Masters, pushed down to the place from where they had come. But some stayed, hidden in spaces and planes unknown by man. They lived in Atlantis as shadows, but sometimes they appeared among men.

In the form of a man they moved among us, but only for the eyes they were like men. With a snake’s head when the appearance dissipated, but they appeared to men as men among men. They entered the councils, taking forms that were similar to those of men. Giving death to the heads of the kingdoms, taking their form and ruling their men. Only by magic could they be discovered, only by sound could their faces be seen. Wanted by the kingdom of shadows, to destroy man and rule in his place.

The Masters were powerful magicians, capable of lifting the veil of the snake’s face, capable of sending it back to its place. They went to the man and taught him the secret: “the Word that only a man can pronounce; then they quickly lifted the veil of the serpent and threw it out of place among the men. But beware, the snake still lives in its open place, sometimes, to the world. Hidden walk among you in places where the rites have taken place; again, as time passes, they will take on the appearance of men. ”

“Called, they may be, by the teacher who knows whites and blacks, but only the white master can control and bind them in life. Do not seek the kingdom of shadows, for evil will appear safe, since only the master of light will conquer the shadow of fear. May you know, my brother, that this fear is a great obstacle; be the master of all in the brightness, the shadow will soon disappear. Listen, listen to my wisdom, the voice of the Light is clear, look for the valley of the shadow and only the light will appear “.(tablets of Thoth)

Whatever the origin of this information, it tells the story of the manipulation of the Reptilians and how they do it. Kings and queens, political leaders, bankers and businessmen, the main owners of the media and those who lead the army are the “serpent-headed beings” that hide behind a human appearance (or their puppets and puppets ).

They are the Reptilian hybrids that, since they have a human aspect despite coming from different origins, have managed to trick humanity. Actually, they are the same Reptilian tribe. The Emerald tablets narrate that the Reptilians, “from the shadow realm,” try to destroy “man” and rule in their place.

The Kingdom of Shadows, the “hidden spaces and planes unknown to man,” are the interspatial planes, a fraction that is beyond the visible spectrum of the human being. The phrase “only by sound their faces could be seen” refers to the fact that a certain frequency of sound destroys the energy projected by the “human” holograms and then what is behind can be decoded: the reptilian form.(tablets of Thoth)

tablets of Thoth

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Interestingly, the tables say that “in former times they were defeated by the Masters, pushed down to where they had come from”, a phrase that resembles a Biblical passage from the Apocalypse, where the “dragon” is written in reptilian terms:

“And the dragon was despondent, the old serpent, the so-called Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world; he was struck down on Earth and his angels were slain with him … And he bound the dragon, the old serpent, which is the Devil and Satan, and imprisoned him for thousands of years, and threw him into the abyss, and closed it and sealed it over him, so that he will never deceive the nations again. ”

The Emerald Tables also identify why Satanism and reptilian hybrids are closely related:

“Then they entered this cycle, they were amorphous, of another vibration, and they existed hidden for the children of the men of the Earth. Only with blood could they form a being, only through man could they live in the world. ”

These passages explain that the Reptilians reside in another range of frequencies outside the visible spectrum of the human being and that to manipulate this reality, they must have a “body” with which to do it – “only through man could they live in the world” -.

The phrase “only with blood could form a being” explains why the reptilian hybrids that occupy positions of power at present are obsessed with the rituals of human sacrifice and blood ingestion, just as they have been since they arrived centuries ago. according to our version of “time”; they drink the blood of human beings because it is the vibrational sustenance of the energy field of their human hologram, their “veil”.(tablets of Thoth)

The Lineages of the “Watchers” or “fallen angels” are what have been behind all wars and dictatorships of all kinds throughout history to this day. They boast of the suffering and murder of their victims and, for them, wars are only rituals of sacrifice on a large scale. What happens for example in Palestine every day, is orgasmic for them. What’s your opinion about it? Leave us your comment!(tablets of Thoth)

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  1. The phrase “only by sound their faces could be seen” refers to the fact that a certain frequency of sound destroys the energy projected by the “human” holograms and then what is behind can be decoded: the reptilian form. In1936, the 432hz standard was changed to 440hz as international concert pitch. If there’s something to this, maybe this is how they are able to hide in plain sight.

  2. LMAO Nowhere, absolutely NOWHERE does the Tabula Smaragdina talk about REPTILES.
    It’s a text about transcending the material world.

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