Video: Infiltrated Extraterrestrials Working for the US Government And NASA?

Increasing numbers of senior state or former military officers confess part of this huge conspiracy. Different nations of the World have been negotiating with other extraterrestrial races for decades. In this videoprogram, writer and researcher David Parcerisa analyzes the secrets guarded by bases like Area-51 and Dulce’s in New Mexico.(US Government And NASA)

Many related people believe that UFOs and extraterrestrials obtained from various accidents occurred are being stored in highly secretive government facilities, such as Area 51 and the Dulce underground facility.(US Government And NASA)

In addition, they also believe that, aside from recovering bodies of severely burned extraterrestrials at the site of the Roswell crash in 1947, military authorities also stocked the surviving aliens who were inside the crashed UFO. The surviving aliens were taken to Area 51, where they were forced to help government scientists and engineers reverse engineer propulsion technology.(US Government And NASA)

(US Government And NASA)The evidence provided by several whistleblowers is cited by conspiracy theorists and theorists as evidence of the reverse engineering work being done on extraterrestrial propulsion technology.(US Government And NASA)

Several cases of extraterrestrial abduction involve encounters with grays and reptilians that use humans to perform sinister biogenetic investigations as part of efforts to build human-alien hybrids, claim UFO claimants.


In addition, there are rumors that the terms of the agreement that the Grays and Reptilians have with the US government. Was not respected, and would have abducted more humans than they were allowed to carry out their biogenetic research program. What do you think? Leave us your comment!(US Government And NASA)

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