(Bible of the Devil)

Bible of the Devil: The Incredible Hidden Story of the “Codex Gigas”

The Codex Gigas was written in the thirteenth century by a Benedictine monk in what is now known as the Czech Republic. Its meaning in Latin is “giant book”, which is in itself of great interest because it is the largest medieval text in the world.(Bible of the Devil)

(Bible of the Devil)

According to Codex legend, the clerk was a monk who “violated” his monastic code and was condemned to be walled without any possibility of escape. There was only one way for the monk to avoid his atrocious death, and he was committing himself to creating a beautiful and fascinating book to glorify the monastery forever, a book that had to include all human knowledge. He was given only twenty-four hours to complete the task and if the monk was able to finish the manuscript, he would be released.(Bible of the Devil)

The monk began to give life to a bible written in animal skins, with inks of colors and illustrations, completely “illuminated” in the pure style of that time. The story goes that around midnight, the monk realized that he could not perform this task alone, so he sold his soul to the devil in exchange for help. The devil finished the manuscript and the monk added the image of the devil in thanks for his help. It is because of this unique example that Codex Gigas is also known as “the Bible of the Devil.”(Bible of the Devil)

At the end of his work, the manuscript had a size of 92 x 50.5 x 22 cm, with a total of 320 pages, although with the passage of time many of the pages have been torn because they most likely contained authentically devilish passages And secrets. The monk turned page 290 to the devil.(Bible of the Devil)

“The Bible of the Devil”
The Codex Gigas is considered the eighth wonder of the world, and unlike the previously mentioned that the Codex is written in donkey skin … actually it is made of calfskin. The texts of the Codex Gigas are pages that are not found in any other known manuscript, which contains herbs, history books, cures for the most dangerous diseases, texts of care for the soul, medical formulas for the treatment of Diseases, spells, and even solutions to problems.(Bible of the Devil)

The Dark Influence of the Codex Gigas
The Codex Gigas became known when the Benedictine monastery of Podlažice had financial problems. To raise funds, the monks sold the manuscript to a monastery near Prague. Shortly after moving the text to its new home, the monastery also happened to have serious financial problems. A few years later, Emperor Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Rudolf II became obsessed with Codex, as well as other objects related to alchemy and occult books. The man responsible for safeguarding the mysterious manuscript gave the Codex to the Roman emperor as a gift, but shortly afterwards Rudolf II went mad. He was declared unfit to rule and banished by his own family. During the war years in the 17th century, the Swedish armies recovered Codex.(Bible of the Devil)

Who wrote the Codex Gigas? 
One of the great mysteries that surround the Codex Gigas is that or who wrote it. Many would say that it is impossible for a man to have written the whole text alone. However, recently a research team, sponsored by National Geographic, stated that Codex is the work of one man, but it was only a hypothesis. This fact is one of the reasons for the mystery of Codex, which has created a great controversy among the most respected researchers, since many experts have the belief that this manuscript contains too much knowledge, and that any human being of the time did not have The ability to have that knowledge.(Bible of the Devil)

Recent investigations
During the investigation of the text of the mysterious manuscript, the researchers observed that the book uses only one type of ink, made of crushed insects. The style and font of calligraphy are curiously consistent, leading researchers to believe that the manuscript is the work of a single scribe. But from this point the contradictions begin, it is believed that the way of writing shows what seems a self-taught person, due to lack of sophistication, but the team felt that the notary should have been endowed with a lot of knowledge and an incredible understanding Of the devil. Another controversy is with the time that it took to be written, some experts estimate that “the Bible of the Devil” would have taken to complete from 25 to 30 years,(Bible of the Devil)

The meaning of the image of Devil
It is the only bible that has a great image of the devil. A devil represented as half man, half beast, with claws, cloven hooves, and a huge red snake-like tongue. The picture shows Satan walled up in a single cell and not with his subjects in hell. Some experts believe that the image of the Devil refers to the monk himself and his choice to live in a cell of isolation away from others, but others believe that this is a misinterpretation, being that image a tribute to the Devil himself.(Bible of the Devil)

(Bible of the Devil)

The mystery of the Codex Gigas continues to this day
The codex is contained in a wooden folder, covered with leather and adorned with metal. The records at the end of the Codex show that manuscript was written in the year 1229. From 1477 to 1593 he remained in the library of a monastery of Broumov, until he was transferred to Prague in 1594 and given to the emperor Rudolf II . The manuscript includes the colors red, blue, yellow, green and gold. Capital letters have an elaborate lighting system throughout the page. The writing within the Codex is unified and unchanged at all times. This may have led to the belief that all the text was written in a very short time.(Bible of the Devil)

Curiously, although we have been able to verify that behind the Codex there is a history related to the occult and the Devil, the manuscript was not prohibited by the Inquisition, they even allowed the investigation by many scholars of the time. Another of the points that has surprised the researchers is that this particular writing, has not been found in any other manuscript of history. But over time, it has interested to hide the dark history of the Codex, omitting the darkest aspects of this manuscript and demystifying reality. But people who have been able to see the book have claimed that they have been drawn to the portrait of Satan, thus being the most important aspect of the book, which explains why people believe the monk made a pact with the devil.(Bible of the Devil)

Over the years the manuscript has been given a variety of names alluding to its size and the portrait of the devil. Apart from the Devil’s Bible and Codex Gigas has also been called Codex Giganteus (the Giant Book), Gigas librorum (the Giant Book), Bibel Fans, or Svartboken (The Dark Book). But over the years, the Bible of the Devil still retains its mystery, even though researchers have wanted to subtract the true importance that was written by the Devil.(Bible of the Devil)

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