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Werewolf Like Creature Spied On A UFO Researcher’s Home Says Former Pentagon Officials

Somebody call Mulder and Scully. Because the Pentagon investigations into UFOs are starting to sound more like the X-Files than anyone imagined.

Werewolf Like Creature Spied On A UFO Researcher's Home Says Former Pentagon Officials

A new Military.com report based on interviews with several former officials involved in those investigations highlights just how overt the military’s interest in unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), the non-stigmatic term for UFOs, can be.

Although details about the military’s dubious interest in supposedly otherworldly phenomena have trickled out over the years, some of the new claims are so outlandish that they raise the question of exactly how America’s massive military budget is spent.

Take, for example, the report’s references to the now notorious “Nimitz incident,” a kind of touchpoint in the Army’s recent UAP declassifications. In 2004, naval fighter pilots who had taken off from the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Nimitz found and recorded a strange object in the shape of a “Tic Tac”.

Werewolf Like Creature Spied On A UFO Researcher's Home Says Former Pentagon Officials
Representation of the UFO/OSNI in the form of a Tic Tac pill. 
zztopfila .

As reported by Military.com, the secret Pentagon program commissioned a sailor to investigate the Nimitz incident. After the sailor returned to his home in Virginia, his wife and teenage children said they witnessed a “Werewolf-like” creature walking on two hind legs peering into his home in two. occasions.

If that sounds like you from somewhere, you are not the only one. In fact, the incident is similar to something shown in a specific episode of the X-Files.

Needless to say, the prosaic and likely explanation is that the researcher’s poor family either imagined it all or mistook some local wild animal for a visitor from another world or dimension. But whatever that odd snooper may have been, the fact that the Pentagon is now in the business of investigating such colorful claims, and that former officials are talking about them, is surprising—all the more so considering the systematic denial of the subject. and ridicule that prevailed just a few years ago.

The body of evidence about the military’s interest in UFOs has been growing ever since officials began leaking documents to the press during the Trump administration. In December 2021, Congress approved defense spending including the establishment of a more public UFO investigation office. For now, however, the reports have remained fragmented and unconsolidated because, naturally, the military has not declassified everything they have under lock and key.

The truth is definitely out there… What do you think about this Werewolf like creature?

Source: Military

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