Two Men Named Charles Wetzel Encountered A Terrifying Riverside Monster

Two Men Named Charles Wetzel Encountered A Terrifying Riverside Monster

By their nature, strange and weird phenomena are filled with oddities that remain unexplained in the majority of scenarios. So it’s not surprising that certain names of people and places are mentioned repeatedly whenever these unexplained stories are discussed. The mention of the devil or Satan keeps appearing in countless locations where ghosts, goblins, and boogeymen have lurked.

Charles Wetzel Scary Encounter
Charles Wetzel Scary Encounter

Various ominous and evil places that are believed to be affiliated with the devil are located in California, including the Devil’s Knoll, Devil’s Gate Reservoir, Mount Diablo, and Devil’s Hole. Back in 1958, two men, both having the same name, “Charles Wetzels,” saw two different other-worldly creatures at two different locations. The two had never met, were not related to each other, and ironically, both of them had sons named Charles. (Too much of a coincidence.)

According to a website called, on November 8, 1958, one of the two, Charles Wetzel, was near Riverside, California, when he was confronted with a mysterious bipedal, reptilian-like creature. Charles was driving on North Main Street and had reached the Santa Ana River, and the river was overflowing. Surprisingly, his radio station also went out, and even switching channels did not help. Out of the blue, a six-foot-tall creature with scaly skin, no nose, no ears, florescent eyes, and a beak-like mouth emerged and attacked Wetzel’s car.

Wetzel later described it as having a “round, scarecrowish head like something out of Halloween”.

The enigmatic creature was later described as having scaly, leaf-like skin, two long, spindly arms, and legs that grew out of its sides instead of from underneath its torso. The eyewitness stated that the creature clawed at his windshield; however, the man stomped on the gas, causing the creature to fall off the hood and eventually under his car. The scared man, not caring about the creature, ran his car blindly over it. The creature was scraping against the bottom of the car.

The police tests further revealed that something had indeed rubbed against the underside of his car. Surprisingly, when the police dogs were brought to the scene of the accident, they found nothing. The following night, another man was scared by something not far from the site of the attack and reported to the police that something dark had attacked him near the area.

The only real evidence that supported the creature’s existence was the clawed windshield of Charles Wetzel’s car. And ever since then, except for the 1970s, findings of Bigfoot tracks in the area have been relatively quiet. Somewhere around 18 years after the incident took place, 21-inch footprints appeared in the Santa Ana River Basin, and it is believed that the footprint allegedly belonged to a Bigfoot.

Charles Wetzel Scary Encounter
Charles Wetzel Scary Encounter

The case got spookier when another strange incident came into the picture that occurred on July 28th of the very same year: another Charles Wetzel encountered what appeared to be a six-foot-tall brown kangaroo in Nebraska. Interestingly, he was not the only one who saw such a creature in the area. Other kangaroo sightings appeared around the same time, as far away as 100 miles. Charles Wetzel was so moved by seeing the strange creature that he named a beer after it at the brewery he ran. The beer is called Wetzel Kangaroo Beer

So what do you think about the creature who attacked Charles Wetzel? Was the creature a relative of the Lizard People, presumably living under Los Angeles? Or was it a real-life Creature from the Black Lagoon? And what are we to make of the phenomenal coincidence of Charles Wetzel seeing a kangaroo in the same year?

Let us know, what is your take on this in the comment section.

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