Time Traveler William Taylor: Humans and Robots Have Merged in the Year 8,973

Being able to travel in time is something dreamed by most, which has often been discussed and has been the focus of many Hollywood films. So far it has been seen as nothing more than a theory, but … would anyone believe a person if he said he traveled to another time and came back? In this post, we will comment on a recent case of a man named William Taylor who claims to have traveled to the year 8973.

The Time Traveling Claims Of William Taylor – Real or Hoax

Time Traveler William Taylor: Humans and Robots Have Merged in the Year 8,973

A man who claims to have worked for the British government more than a decade ago posted a video to YouTube stating that he was sent to the year 8,973 on a time machine, in what he calls a secret program. In the amazing admission, he also revealed the date on which this advanced technology of time travel will be launched to the public, and according to him, we are only ten years away.

William Taylor, who claimed to have worked in British intelligence in the early 2000s, said he experienced life on earth thousands of years from now when he was sent to find out more about the future. What he said he found was a “utopia”, without disease, death, or crimes.

“The humans were gone and they had been replaced by human-robot hybrids, but the Earth still existed, and it is one of the many planets that these beings had colonized in an attempt to find more space . ” Taylor insists that the government has a lot of advanced technologies that are kept secret from the public, but admits that part of it will be released to the general public by 2028, within a decade.

Speaking to Apex TV, Taylor said: “It’s time for everything to finally come out clean, it’s time to tell the public the truth. It’s time to tell, whoever is looking outside, the truth. “

“I used to work for the British government. I really regret not telling my family what I did. I’ve been living a lie for a long time. There are many advanced technologies that are kept secret. They are going to come after me for making this video I expose myself to a great risk by telling the truth. “

Taylor claimed that he was an employee of the ‘British Intelligence Agency’, which was where he experienced the journey in time ‘with his own eyes’. He said that traveling through time is not a new phenomenon, and in fact, it was already successfully achieved in 1981.

“There is an infinite number of universes, and it is possible to move freely between these universes,” Taylor added. He explained: “We developed a machine that allowed one not only to travel in time but to move between these parallel universes.”

“They put me in a machine, which was a small sphere, with enough space for one person. The sphere was only four inches thick and was made of lead to protect from radiation by this process. I was sent to the year 3000. We did not know if human civilization would still be present, but we took a risk. “

Taylor then talked about losing consciousness for an unknown time. When he woke up, he said he looked out the spherical machine window and could see a red sky. When he left his machine, he seemed to be in a big city, covered in fog. But he said no one was on the “ground level”.

“I looked up and saw a means of transport flying hundreds of meters above me” But what it says about other secret experiments carried out by major governments around the world, are much more terrifying.

“There have been attempts to move everyone to another timeline and change certain things,” Taylor said.

He then told the camera that the reason why this technology exists is because there have been several cover-ups of crashed alien spaceships. Taylor said that engineers could discover, within craftsmanship, the advanced technology needed to travel through time, through dimensions and become invisible.

His final mission, before being “liberated” from the British Intelligence Agency, was to travel to the year 8,973 because the calculations supposedly suggested that this would be when humans and technology would merge completely into one.

Taylor recalled: “I saw the light looking through the window of the time machine. It was very bright. I looked down and saw green grass, and above, blue sky. “It seemed like I was in a park with some trees.”

He said that people “looked different,” and he saw someone. she was tall and thin, with big heads and big eyes. Taylor then stated that he approached a group of people and asked them what year it really was.

“One woman replied ‘You are in the year 8.793’. Everyone seemed as if it were completely normal that they had just met a traveler in time, “he said. (It is not clear whether Taylor made a mistake in reciting the year at this time, after stating that he would be sent to 8,973). He continued: “I told them that it was year 2.005 and they all seemed to be completely out of phase …”

Taylor then commented that the group told him they were not humans, but a combination of humans and robots that live forever. “There were no diseases, no conflict, everything was perfect. I was in a utopia, “he added.

Taylor also claimed to have met another traveler at the time during his visit, He discovered that he was from the year 2.055. When he finally returned in 2005, he said that the many photos he had taken were immediately confiscated by the government. He states that some of the advanced technologies, including time travel, are planned for launch in 2028, but until then, it is determined that people do not know the truth.

Of course, it goes without saying that we are extremely skeptical of the claims of these travelers in time, such as Taylor. What do you think? Leave us your comments!

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    1. It is true. There are UFOs. There are things flying that are unidentified. Once you say they are space ships with little funny looking dudes and dudettes on them, you have identified the object.

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  2. This guy is so full of shit his blue eyes turned brown. The future does not yet exist, so how would you go there?

  3. Although time travel is theoretically possible, by folding both space and time and punching a hole through to be able to travel to a specific time would be nigh on impossible it would be the equivelant of furring a bullet into another bullet in flight from a fast moving target whilst defying all the known laws of physics. So do I think that we (humans) or aliens have this technology no these are just attention seeking individuals claiming things that cannot be proved or verified, do I believe in aliens I had a UFO encounter back in 1998 so I know strange things are going on I was a total sceptic untill my own encounter I guess the truth will all come to light sooner or later.

  4. I think it’s more of a simulation than a time machine, since latest science discoveries points to a high probability that we are in a simulation like The Matrix movie, they could hiJack your senses using for example a simulation headset or any device which can be programmed to a reality they want you to experience, and thus project a future they want to take humanity, a form predictive programming which is what hollywood is doing. This helps them to make humans easily accept the future of their agenda, we are being manipulated and needs to wake up from this illusion.

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