The Threat Of World War 3 Prevents Aliens From Contacting Us, Says Ufologist

Recently, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has put the world on the brink of war or maybe World War 3 that, considering the allies of each side, could escalate to a global level. According to a renowned British ufologist, this type of attitude of humanity is what has been preventing aliens from deciding to make open contact with our species.

The Threat Of World War 3 Prevents Aliens From Contacting Us, Says Ufologist

Highly evolved ETs probably view warfare as something only primitive civilizations engage in, so the Ukraine situation means we’re unlikely to get an invitation to join the Galactic Federation just yet,” said Nick Pope. , a former British Ministry of Defense official and UFO researcher speaking to the Daily Star.

The situation on the border between Russia and Ukraine began to dominate the front pages of world newspapers last November, with the first reports of a significant Russian military reinforcement in the area, whose objective would be to dissuade NATO from expanding its military activities in the former Soviet republics. Since then, the degree of rhetoric has escalated to the point of fearing the outbreak of a large-scale conflict.

Pope says that although Russian troops outnumber British ones, “aliens are likely to understand why the UK would join any fight against Russian intimidation.”

The Threat Of World War 3 Prevents Aliens From Contacting Us, Says Ufologist
Nick Pope was a British government employee at the Ministry of Defense (MoD) from 1985 to 2006 and is best known for his work for the government, between 1991 and 1994, which commissioned him to investigate reports of UFO sightings. in order to determine its meaning and relevance in fundamental defense issues. 
Currently, in addition to being a consulted ufologist, he is the most recent recruit for the Galileo Project.

“Aliens might wonder about the wisdom of the UK in taking on Russia, but would probably realize that being in a coalition helps,” he added. “And if they knew about history on Earth, they would know never to rule out the British.”

This current allusion to aliens when the West takes a dim view of Moscow’s regional intentions is not the only one in history. In 1987, US President Ronald Reagan openly denounced the then Soviet Union for similar things during a UN General Assembly.

There, in his speech, he said the following: “In our obsession with the antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. From time to time I think how quickly our differences on a global level would fade away if we faced an alien threat from out of this world.”

The Threat Of World War 3 Prevents Aliens From Contacting Us, Says Ufologist

And while many here take the word “alien” as whimsical and interpret it as a simple synonym for some foreign and well-Earth enemy, in the notes that Reagan himself wrote in his own handwriting  in the text of his speech, you can see the great importance of this word:

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