Robert Monroe And Creepy Interdimensional Experience: Reptilians Control And Feed On Humans

Robert Monroe (1915-1995), an American author gained popularity after he wrote a book on an out-of-body experience in which he encountered reptilians.

Robert Monroe And Creepy Interdimensional Experience: Reptilians Control And Feed On Humans

In 1958, Robert Monroe, a 43-year-old broadcast engineer in the United States, encountered a sequence of unusual occurrences. He initially felt a powerful vibration deep in his chest. This sensation became so intense at one point that he was obliged to lie down.

He sensed himself floating outside his body as he leaned back in his chair. It’s worth noting that up until that point, he was a fairly rational thinker who believed in commerce and science and was completely opposed to magic and “devilry.”

Monroe immediately panicked, believing himself to be dead, but a debilitating terror restored him to “physical form.” And this was just the beginning; other instances in which he left his body and floated weightlessly about the room were identical.

Monroe visited various doctors and psychologists in an attempt to ascertain his health, but each medical professional determined that he was perfectly fine. Monroe chose to sharpen his newly discovered out-of-body abilities after being delighted by the positive diagnosis. He grew so absorbed in the subject that he abandoned his secure business career and devoted his life to the study of consciousness.

Discovery of Hemispheric Synchronization

Over the next three decades, Robert Monroe carefully analyzed out-of-body experiences. The main goal of his research was to collect scientific data proving the existence of alternative realities.

In hopes of making interdimensional travel more accessible, he developed a technology called Hemispheric Synchronization. This system, also known as Hemi-Sync, uses sound patterns containing binaural beats (3D sound waves) to harmonize the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Further, at his request, some independent clinical neurologists conducted extensive testing of volunteers using this experimental technique. To their surprise, the results were clearly visible on every EEG (Electroencephalogram) scan they took.

Monroe’s work pioneered the path to tangible altered states. The Monroe Institute was founded in 1974 and continues even to this day. Monroe has developed a range of audio stimulation techniques designed to focus attention, relieve stress, improve sleep, and more.

Portal To Another World By Robert Monroe

The US government paid special attention to Monroe’s pioneering discoveries, and in 1978 he was visited by CIA personnel. He was invited to join a highly classified military project by high-ranking officials.

They sought to employ his mind-expanding practice in order to improve soldiers’ mind control during military operations. This would provide a significant advantage over adversaries (USSR). Robert Monroe consented to cooperate with them in order to increase his authority in the study of out-of-body experiences and other paranormal events.

Robert Monroe And Creepy Interdimensional Experience: Reptilians Control And Feed On Humans

Since the participants in the experiments were supposed to open “portals to other dimensions” during the sessions, the researchers aptly called this work the “Gateway Process” (“Opening the gates”)

The declassified files indicate that the program was “a training system that aims to increase the strength, concentration, and coherence of the amplitude and frequency of brain waves between the left and right hemispheres in order to alter consciousness, allowing it to transcend the physical realm and eventually transcend even time and space.

The participant subsequently had access to the universe’s different levels of intuitive understanding.” Commander Wayne M. McDonnell’s final study details the discoveries he made regarding the nature of our world. Researchers have shown that humans inhabit a holographic reality and that our waking lives are a projection of an electromagnetic matrix.

Encounters of Robert Monroe with the Reptilians

To explore the “out-of-this-world regions,” participants sat in an isolated dark room, wearing headphones and listening to various sound tones at certain frequencies. The participants made no attempt to contact or connect with one another.

After completing their “astral excursion,” the volunteers informed the staff of their experiences. According to Robert Monroe, the subjects frequently encountered beings from other dimensions.

The most prevalent humanoids were reptilian. Due to their toothy crocodile snouts, participants dubbed these supernatural creatures “alligators.”

Robert Monroe And Creepy Interdimensional Experience: Reptilians Control And Feed On Humans

It’s odd that Monroe was already familiar with reptilians at the time. He witnessed similar lizard-like entities throughout his numerous out-of-body adventures. Monroe and his team have been gathering data on these incredible creatures for more than 35 years and have discovered the following:

  • These vile lizards have controlled and enslaved humanity for millennia.
  • They exist and operate in the 4th dimension and are only visible to those people who can see beyond our extremely limited spectrum of visible light.
  • Reptilians feed on our spiritual life force, which Monroe called “loosh”.
  • Negative/low vibrational energy is essential for their survival.
  • These parasitic creatures see the Earth as a huge farm where they collect human fear, hatred, anxiety, anger and depression and feed on it.
  • Their intellect is equal to or exceeds human.
  • This elusive reptilian-like race considers itself the true and supreme ruler of humanity.

To conclude

Robert Monroe spent the remainder of his days conducting research into out-of-body experiences until his death in 1995. His convictions have remained constant throughout his investigation, and he has frequently cautioned others about the presence of malevolent energy predators in our midst.

Throughout the 1980s, the Open Gates project conducted breakthrough tests that resulted in hundreds of successful “flights to other worlds.” Separate documents pertaining to this endeavor were made public in 2003 but got surprisingly little public attention. According to some insiders, this experiment was classified and continues in some form or another to this day.


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