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Scientific discoveries are happening every day and change the world in which we live. In this list there are some crazy scientific innovation, and all of them were made in the past year. Technological and medical discoveries, in which people simply can not believe it accomplishes each day and continue being accomplished with enviable regularity. These findings bring with them a host of new technologies and methods that will only grow and improve over time.(Science)



The ability to control the movement of the object – it is something from science fiction, but thanks to researchers from the College of Science and Technology of Minnesota, it has become a reality. Using a non-invasive technique known as electroencephalography, make use of brain waves, five students were able to control the movement of the helicopter.(Science)

Looking in the opposite direction from the direction of the helicopter, the students were able to move the vehicles in different directions, simulating the movement of his left hand, right hand and both hands. After some time, the project participants were able to perform several maneuvers with the helicopter, including passage through the ring. Scientists hope to improve this non-invasive brain waves control technology that will ultimately help restore movement, hearing and vision in patients suffering from paralysis or neurodegenerative disorders.

MRI of the heart

A heart

Anthracycline chemotherapy is an effective form, but we have shown that it can damage the hearts of the children undergoing treatment. As a rule, most children affected by this heart defect, it was found that the walls of their hearts thinned, and at the time of diagnosis, it was too late to do something about it. Ultrasound often miss heart disease in the early stages of research and finds them only when the irreversible damage has already taken its toll.

Last year, there was a fundamentally new technique. During extensive testing revealed that the T1 MRI may be more accurate, effective and safe method to identify cardiovascular disease in children. Doctors were able to see the children’s heart defects earlier and more effectively than with the US (which incorrectly indicate that the heart feels good). This is a great medical progress to identify heart disease in young children.(Science)

Effective electrolysis (salt water splitting)


In the race in the search for effective and rich alternative fuels, researchers are constantly trying to find a way to effectively splitting the sea water for the production of hydrogen fuel. In June last year, the team of the Australian Research Center for Science published the electrical catalyst that is able to cleave the ocean water is not being used a lot of energy.

The catalyst was embodied in flexible plastic tank which absorbs and uses the energy obtained from light, for the oxidation of seawater. In contrast to existing methods, which require large amounts of energy for the oxidation of water, this method can produce enough energy to power the average home and car for the whole day, using only 5 liters of seawater.

This tank contains synthetic molecules of chlorophyll, using the sun’s energy in the same way, as do plants and algae. This method of chemical problems either, in contrast to the current method of splitting water, during which the cloud of toxic gas emitted – chlorine.(Science)

This efficient and effective method can significantly reduce the cost of hydrogen fuel that will allow him to become a competitive alternative to gasoline fuels in the future.

A tiny battery


With the invention of 3D-printers limits for the type of sophisticated and complex objects that can be created, expanded significantly. Last year, a team of researchers from Harvard and the University of Illinois were able to synthesize a lithium-ion battery, which is smaller than a grain of sand and finer than a human hair.

Equally striking size has been achieved by using thin layers of a network of interwoven electrodes. Once the computer has been made 3D-design, the printer used specially made liquid paint containing electrodes that were immediately harden, getting on the air. Such a device may find a lot of applications, thanks to its size. However, the 3D-printer has printed  the blood vessel system, so the electrodes few people are surprised.

Before the advent of the battery existence of incredibly small objects the battery power was almost impossible. The fact that the creation of such batteries needed such batteries, which could pass the first energy. 3D-printer uses ink and detailed design of a computer program to create such mikrobatareyki.(Science)

Bioengineered body parts

blood vessels

June 6, 2013 a group of doctors at Duke University successfully implanted the first blood vessel bioengineering living patient. Although bioengineering is developing by leaps and bounds, this procedure has become the first successful implantation of an artificial body part bioengineering.

Vienna was implanted to a patient suffering from end-stage renal disease. At first, it was synthesized from a donor of human cells in the sort of “forests”. In order to prevent an attack by any foreign body in a patient with antibodies, the quality was removed from the vein, which could provoke the attack. And the vessel has been more successful than synthetic implants or animal origin, because he was not prone to clotting and does not pose a risk of infection during surgery.

Incredible, but veins are made of the same flexible material that connect them, and also take the properties of the culture medium and other veins. With the success of this procedure, this new area has huge implications for the future development in the medical world. In addition, bioengineered heart will be published in 10-15 years, according to forecasts.

The four-particle

quark Collider

Search explanation of the birth of our universe was substantially warmed up after last year’s announcement of the discovery of the particle of four quarks. Although you this finding may not seem too important, to physicists it raises a number of new explanations and theories about the creation of the first matter. Until that moment the explanation of creation of matter was essentially limited to what have been found only particles with two or three quarks.

Scientists have named a new particle Zc (3900), and they assume that it was created in the first, furiously hot second after the Big Bang. After several years of complex mathematical calculations conducted BaBar collaboration to accelerate National Laboratory SLAC (affiliated with Stanford University), scientists working at the Beijing Electro-positron collider (BEPCII) found that a particle on a number of occasions. Because scientists generally very generous people, the results shared with the guys at CERN and HEARO in Tsukuba, Japan. These are the same scholars who have recently observed and identified 159 of such particles. However particle lacked justification until scientists Belle detector Beijing 307 did not confirm the selection of the individual particles of that type.

Scientists argue that it took to spend 10 trillion of trillions of subatomic collisions in their detector, which is twice the famous Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. Some physicists have made observations of the criticism, arguing that the particle is not more than two mesons (two quark particles) are connected together. Despite this, the particle was adopted.(Science)

Alternative microbial fuel

alternative fuels

Imagine a world in which a high-performance, low-cost alternative fuel could be obtained as easily as oxygen from the air around us. Thanks to the collaboration of the US Department of Energy and a team of researchers at Duke University, we may be microorganisms that make the dream a reality. In recent years there has been more success in the world of alternative fuels (such as ethanol from corn and sugar cane). Unfortunately, these methods are very inefficient and does not hold water. Not so long ago, scientists have been able to come up with elektrotoplivo, which can “eat” the sun’s energy, without taking our water, food, or the land, like most alternative fuels.

In addition to low energy requirements, tiny microbes can efficiently synthesize it in the laboratory elektrotoplivo. Elektrotoplivnye microbes have been isolated and identified in nonphotosynthetic bacteria. They are used, electrons in the soil in the form of food eaten and energy for the production of butanol by interacting with electricity and carbon dioxide. Using this information, and after spending some manipulation of genes, the scientists involved in this type of bacteria grown in laboratory cultures of bacteria, allowing them to produce butanol in large quantities. Butanol, now looks like a better alternative to ethanol as well as gasoline for a variety of reasons. Being a larger molecule, butanol has great potential for energy storage, rather than ethanol, and does not absorb water, so it may well be in any vehicle gas tanks and transferred through lines petrol. Butanol microbes become a promising beacon era of alternative fuels.(Science)

Medical benefits of silver


A study on the benefits of using silver for antibiotics was published June 19 last year by researchers at Boston University. While it has long been known that silver has strong antibacterial properties, scientists have only recently discovered that it can turn ordinary antibiotics antibiotics on steroids.

It is now known that silver has many uses chemical processes to prevent the growth of bacteria, slow down their rate of metabolism and disrupt homeostasis. These processes lead to a weakening of bacteria and make them more susceptible to antibiotics. Many studies showed that a mixture of silver and antibiotics was 1000 times more efficient in killing bacteria than simply antibiotics.

Some critics warn that silver may have toxic effects on the patients, but scientists do not agree with this, arguing that small and non-toxic amount of silver only enhance the effectiveness of antibiotics, not bringing harm to the treatment. This is a very interesting discovery for the medical world, and the use of precious metals continues to grow in quantity and quality.(Science)

Sight for the Blind

blind man

The first prototype bionic eye was presented to  the Australian team of bioengineers at the beginning of June last year. Bionic eye works by using the chip implanted in the user’s skull, and then connected to a digital camera in the glasses. While the points now allow the user to only see the outline of the prototype must be significantly improved in the future. Once the camera captures the image signal is changed and sent wirelessly to a microchip. From there the signal activates a point on a microchip implanted in the Department of the cortex responsible for vision. The research team hopes that in the future, light, comfortable and unobtrusive points able to provide maximum comfort to people with poor eyesight. They will be able to use 85% of blind people.(Science)

Immunity to cancer

The naked mole rat

Last year, the University of Rochester published a study , which examines the confrontation mechanism cancer in naked mole rats. These eerie underground rodents are not the prettiest on the planet, but they will be the last laugh, when all alive will die from cancer.

In the spaces sticky sugar was detected between the cell bodies of bare diggers, hyaluronan (HA), and it seems to prevent proliferation of cells and the close formation of tumors. Roughly speaking, this substance stops the proliferation of cells, once they reach a certain density. The reason for the increased amount of sugar that is thought to scientists, a double mutation in the two enzymes that contribute to the growth of HA.

It was found that the cell with low HA cancer is growing rapidly, but in cells with high levels of HA tumor is not formed. The researchers hope to modify the laboratory rats to produce large quantities of HA and to develop their immunity to cancer.(Science)

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