Authorities warn of the presence of a mysterious creature in a California forest

There are creatures lurking in the dark, circling the world’s isolated forests, hiding in the frozen depths of the deepest lakes. They appear unexpectedly and inexplicably, to disappear mysteriously without leaving a trace, leaving the witnesses astonished, frightened and, unfortunately, in most cases, without evidence of the encounter. However, there are countless stories about these creatures haunting the darkness as well as our imagination.(mysterious creature in a California forest)

These creatures defy all logic, inspire the imagination and generate fear. They are the subject of numerous films, documentaries, books and even songs. They have become part of our culture. Do these creatures really exist? Or is it simply deception, or the result of too much imagination? We do not have the answers to these questions, but now a mysterious simian creature has been videotaped in the woods near a popular hiking trail in California.(mysterious creature in a California forest)

The legendary Bigfoot in California?

Jake Gardiner, who works near the Crescenta-Montrose forests in Los Angeles County in the US state of California, had been walking around the area on his lunch break when he heard strange noises coming from the trees and felt An uneasy feeling that they were watching him.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail , Gardiner began recording with his Smartphone in search of the origin of the mysterious noises. At first, he saw nothing strange around him. But after a few seconds, he was surprised to see a mysterious creature swinging through the trees.

“You can definitely see a torso and all four limbs moving and spinning around, ” Gardiner told local media. “It’s obvious how it moves.”

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is investigating the video as they believe it could be a dangerous monkey that has escaped.

“We think there’s a chance it’s a kind of monkey,” said Andrew Hughan, a spokesman for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. “These animals are incredibly strong. And they can kill very easily or seriously injure a person, if it turns out to be a monkey. This animal is afraid, hungry, out of habitat. “

Hughan has warned residents not to go looking for the creature as it could become a serious security problem. Local authorities believe the “animal” could be an exotic pet, like a chimpanzee, that has escaped.(mysterious creature in a California forest)

“People import animals as illegal alien pets , Hughan said. “Now that’s not the problem, but what happens is that the animals can get out of control or be too rebellious and the owners simply let them go.”

He added that such animals could be “very dangerous” , so it is important to “make eye contact” if they encounter them.

mysterious creature in a California forest


La Crescenta, is a suburban community in the northern Sierra of Los Angeles. It is located next to the Angeles National Forest and the Sierra de San Gabriel, making it the ideal place to hide a great ape or a simian creature . And the truth is that sightings of strange creatures are nothing new in California. For various reasons, exotic and exotic animals are part of the extravagant life enjoyed by some Californians.

It is true that the unidentified creature in this latest video is in all probability a chimpanzee or other great abandoned ape, but until it is identified or captured, it will remain a mystery.

Is it a chimpanzee or a great ape? Or can it be the legendary Bigfoot?

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