NASA: Major Find of 10 Planets That Could Hold Life

NASA has just revealed an important finding in the galaxy that could change the course of humanity.(10 Planets That Could Hold Life)

10 Planets That Could Hold Life

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States has announced the announcement of one of the most important findings of the last decade. Scientists discovered 219 new and potential planets in the galaxy and it seems 10 of them could harbor life since they are very similar to planet earth.(10 Planets That Could Hold Life)

This important finding is given by means of the Kepler space telescope that managed to identify these 10 planets that are very similar to the earth, both in its size and in the fact that it orbits a star in its habitable zone, that is to say, a range of distance Where liquid water may exist.

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Since it was launched in 2009, the telescope has allowed scientists to identify a total of 4,034 potential planets, of which 2,335 are exoplanets. In addition to this, 50 of them are similar to the earth and could harbor life.

10 Planets That Could Hold LifeIn addition to this, research with the Kepler telescope has made it possible to differentiate two types of small planets, which have no surface and would be under a dense and crushing atmosphere and the others that would have a rocky surface.
“Understanding the frequency of occurring planets of a size and orbit similar to those on Earth will help us plan future NASA missions focused on finding ‘another Earth,'” said NASA scientist Mario Perez.

Recall that the Kepler mission is carried out by NASA and has as its main objective “the exploration of the structure and diversity of planetary systems”.

  • Determine the percentage of large and terrestrial planets that are near or in the habitable zone that a variety of stars
  • Determine the distribution of the sizes and shapes of the orbits of the planets
  • Determine how many planets are in multi-star systems like ours
    Conclude the variety of sizes, masses and densities of orbits and planets
  • To determine the properties of the stars of those planetary systems

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