1444, the truth about the cursed video that has been removed from YouTube

The Internet is something surprising that has changed our lives in several ways, making it perhaps one of the most important technological developments of recent times. However, it is also a place that has generated spooky mysteries and even supposed curses and ghosts. Here in cyberspace, there seems to have emerged a new path of the paranormal, that of ghosts, curses and other phenomena that have firmly taken root in this new medium of our modern times. (1444)

“subspecies” of the inexplicable on the Internet are cursed or haunted videos, which thanks to tools like YouTube have managed to spread and be commented on by the masses, and that shows that a network is a new place for the strange and the hidden. Many of the creepiest videos found on the Internet are those that are said to be cursed or haunted, or at least inflict a sense of deep and unexplained terror to the viewer. And this leads us directly to the new viral phenomenon that has caused widespread terror in social networks, the so-called video 1444.

The new damn video

1444 is a YouTube video that has gone viral as part of a supposed “cursed” story. The images have been extended to users of social networks who do not know their origin. It is clear that in infinity explorers we will not publish the video in question, but we will make a short summary. The scary video shows a Russian man committing suicide with a shotgun while sitting on a sofa.

The 17-second video seems to have been previously shared on sites and in communities that publish extremely graphic photos and videos known as gore. The weekend began on October 19 and 20 on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Several versions of the video have been uploaded on YouTube and on social networks with different titles, many of which include the term “video 1444”, in order to evade the removal filters.

“YouTube has a clear policy that prohibits content that promotes self-harm, and we quickly remove videos that violate this policy,” a YouTube spokesman said in a statement.

1444 damn video removed - 1444, the truth about the damn video that has been removed from YouTube

But when it comes to the famous video 1444, this is what you need to know:

The video is real. The man who appears in the images is an 18-year-old Russian named Gleb Korbalev, according to Twitter user @Jaxieon, who discovered the details behind the video. Korbalev was a university student in Moscow. He broadcast his suicide live on the Russian social network VK, which is similar to Facebook. The video was broadcast on VK, and also on Telegram and on another Russian website called 2ch.

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The 17-second video shows a man sitting on a sofa in front of a painting with a Saiga-12 shotgun on his head. He makes a brief statement in Russian and then pulls the trigger. A shot can be heard and the brutal consequences of the shot are observed. He seems to be saying “goodbye” in Russian before committing suicide. A longer version of the video shows Korbalev’s body on the couch for more than two hours before the police arrive.

As it can not be otherwise, the video went viral after a now-deleted YouTube channel called GORE was published. According to YouTube users who watched the original video before it was deleted, it was available for approximately 16 hours. Since then, the channel and video have been deleted, but the images were shared hundreds of times. And this is where the curse begins. They have warned anyone who wants to watch the video that they will suffer a curse. And the alleged curse can be broken by responding to the video with a version of the publication date October 20, such as 10-20-19.

And how does the curse arise? According to a Reddit user with the username Kurosagi8, the video was published on the Deep Web and the person who commits suicide prepared everything and cursed everyone who saw it. Then, anyone who sees it must say the date of their suicide or suffer the consequences.

1444 damn youtube video - 1444, the truth about the damn video that has been removed from YouTube
Gleb Korbalev

Social network users warn others about the video

Users of social networks have been warning others about the video because it is linked without a warning about graphic content. Others have said that the video was seen in automatic playback on YouTube, so they advised to disconnect this system and avoid encountering the frightening video 1444.

Although the clearest warning said: “Watch it if you want but don’t force others to do it, they have tricked people to watch it if they send you a random YouTube video, proceed with caution and be very careful.”

It can be easy to dismiss all this as pure urban legend or creepypasta. However, we must remember that many of these videos are on the Internet to scare, confuse and cause all kinds of nightmares. Whatever the case, video 1444 shows us that the new technological era is not exempt from its own curses or ghost stories, simply the place has changed.

What do you think of the damn video 1444? Would you dare to see it? Or have you seen it and suffer its consequences?

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