UFO appeared during a live Argentine news program(UFO in Buenos Aires)

One of the most debated questions in our society is whether there is life on other planets. And is that a series of unexplained sightings of UFOs have led many to believe that aliens have always existed among us. However, skeptics continually try to explain these phenomena, while witnesses cannot be more certain of what they have seen.(UFO in Buenos Aires)

The truth is that when sightings are witnessed by only one person, they are generally discredited. When there are several witnesses, then things change. And when thousands or even millions of people are witnesses of the impossible and is also seen on live television, that’s when the controversy begins. One of these controversial sightings occurred on January 20, 2013, when the US television network Fox News during a live broadcast of the Washington Monument, appeared out of nowhere an illuminated mystery object. There were those who said it was a helicopter since it took place the night before President Obama’s second inauguration. However, it had no helicopter shape, so for some, it was evidence of a UFO appearing through a dimensional portal on the American capital.

And again, a mysterious object has appeared during the live broadcast of the news. This time in Argentina.(UFO in Buenos Aires)

UFO in Buenos Aires

They just published a curious video that shows an unidentified flying object (UFO) appearing during an Argentine news program . In the video you can see the presenters of the news channel 5 News talking about the smog that there is about Buenos Aires. But at a certain moment, the presenter of time Mariela Fernández points out the presence of a strange metallic object in the heavens.(UFO in Buenos Aires)

“A UFO, an unidentified flying object ,  Mariela exclaims. “What is it, what is it? Because it’s not an airplane … and it’s going very fast. “

From that moment on, the presenter Diego Angeli tries to find a logical and rational explanation for the sighting, even explaining that UFO is not synonymous with an extraterrestrial craft. But after a few seconds, Angeli completely changed his speech and acknowledged that, for him, without any doubt, it was an alien ship.

Moreover, it offers a detailed explanation of why it was an object from other worlds, as if it were an expert in the field. The Argentine presenter explained that the property of the extraterrestrial craft is acceleration, that having no force can accelerate at high speed without inertial change , apart from being able to teleport between different dimensions.(UFO in Buenos Aires)

“For me it was an alien spacecraft ,  says Angeli. “Obviously yes.”

The video of the UFO during the informative program quickly became a viral phenomenon, and for many people it was clear evidence that extraterrestrial life is a reality. Some conspiracy theorists even alleged that governments around the world and space agencies such as NASA are hiding secrets related to alien life , so that the population does not cause chaos among the population. Although cable also the possibility that it is a secret aircraft.

UFO informative program - Presenters are stunned to see a UFO at high speed during an Argentine news program UFO in Buenos Aires

There were also those who compared this sighting with the one that occurred during the live television broadcast of the news of the US television channel KOIN this year, when two mysterious balls of light appeared in the sky behind the news anchors , to later disappear into a Different direction through the night sky. But for the skeptics, the UFO of the Argentine news is simply a kind of balloon that due to the force of the wind moves at great speed.

What do you think is the mysterious object about Buenos Aires?

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