20 Meter Tall Humanoid Was Found In The Satellite Images Of Antarctica

Antarctica (the South Pole of the Earth) is surrounded by many conspiracy theories, and this is not surprising, this continent is the furthest from the rest and therefore the least studied.(Conspiracy theories surrounding Antarctica)

It is almost impossible to survive on it without special equipment, food supplies, shelters, and especially alone. Therefore, there are very few people here, but there may be alien bases, secret government underground bunkers or ancient pyramids. 
When you look at the snowy majesty of a mountain, the eternal ice of Antarctica is evoked, this is a place of deep mysteries.

It is said that there are pyramids, great entrances in the recesses of its summits, the discovery of ooparts and extraterrestrial ships that once clashed there.

All this was seen in the photographs of Google Earth, and now, censored by a white circle, to the looks of those who want to find out their secrets. But also, what is hidden, behind the walls of ice, there may be the strangest landscapes.

20 Meter Tall Humanoid Found In Antarctica

Unusual objects are regularly found on Google Earth maps, especially in sparsely populated and inaccessible regions, such as the Arctic or Antarctica. This time they found a huge humanoid figure

20 Meter Tall Humanoid Antarctica

If you enter the coordinates 72 ° 32’26.35 “S 31 ° 19’17.86” E into the Google Earth program , then you will find yourself in Antarctica near an unusual object.

The fact that the object is really unusual can be understood by the fact that there is nothing else like it in this area. The object resembles a human figure in shape. 

But this figure is about 20 meters high.

Of course, it may just be an unusual shaped hole in the ice cover, but again, in the large white space in this area, there are no such “holes” anywhere else.

20 Meter Tall Humanoid Antarctica

Many eyewitnesses at one time reported that aliens can be very tall, although they did not seem to meet 20 meters. But when you consider how little we know about mysterious humanoids, even more so about those who supposedly live in secret bases in the Arctic or Antarctica.

What do you think about the mysteries of Antarctica? Was this really a 20 meter tall humanoid?

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