The Mysterious Encounter With A Violent Alien Who Slaughtered A Flock Of Sheep

This case is considered by many to be one of the most alarming in ufology, however, in the west, it is practically unknown.
An ordinary Bolivian shepherdess had a strange encounter with a violent alien in 1967.

Located in the desolate mountain regions of the southwestern highlands of Bolivia, near the once-thriving city of Potosi, lies the impoverished province of Opoko.
In 1967, 24-year-old Valentina Flores and her husband Gumersindo lived near Opoko, earning a living by raising flocks of sheep and Llamas.
The Couple was illiterate and belonged to the Quechua Indian tribe.
They had a daughter Theodosia who was a toddler when the incident took place.

Neither Valentina nor Gumersindo knew anything about UFOs, aliens, alien abductions, and other things as these phenomena were still unknown to many people at that phase of time. 
Therefore, one can only imagine the horror they faced that year immediately after Easter. 

The Mysterious Encounter With A Violent Alien Who Slaughtered A Flock Of Sheep

One evening, after Easter, Valentina led her flock of 64 sheep to a local pasture adjacent to a hilly area where there was a very old stone paddock. 
Her other herd, consisting of llamas, was already grazing there, and when Valentina approached the corral, she saw that the llamas were scattered in different directions as if something frightened them.

Years passed, and a Spanish Ufologist J. Benitez, who visited Bolivia in 2001 and asked Valentina about her experience. 
Valentina was then 59 years old and still very worried about what happened to her more than two decades ago. 
This event, without a doubt, traumatized her severely.

Valentina left the sheep near the corral and went to collect the llamas and their babies.
Her daughter, Theodosia, was sitting in a cradle and everything that happened next was witnessed by the toddler too.

Somehow Valentina drove the llamas into the flock, but when she returned with them to her flock of sheep, she was shocked to see that there were no sheep left. 
Confused and annoyed, the woman left the llamas in the pen and went to look for the flock of sheep, following their tracks on the rocky ground.

Sheep tracks led Valentina to the old fence and when Valentina approached the sight, she was surprised to see something strange inside the fence.
There were threads made of a material similar to cobwebs, and they covered a large dome of land inside the fence. 
When Valentina came closer, she could hardly hold back a cry of horror as she found dead carcasses of her sheep lying on the ground inside the dome.

The Mysterious Encounter With A Violent Alien Who Slaughtered A Flock Of Sheep

The sheep were dead, as their carcasses had been gutted and their entrails were lying around. 
All her sheep were lying inside the strange cocoon. 
Then Valentina noticed a movement among the corpses of sheep, it was a creature no larger than a child in size. 
The strange creature firmly held the last alive,lamb and did something to it with the help of an incomprehensible “tube” with a sharp hook at the end.

An open bag was lying right next to the violent alien filled with various parts of sheep’s intestines. 
Shocked by what she saw, she still stood and looked without losing consciousness.

“A short man, like a child, was on his knees with a sheep sandwiched between his legs. I was in a panic, this little man killed all my animals!”

This creature was just over a meter tall and looked like a human, but Valentina realized that it was something else. 
She described that the creature was dressed in a one-piece diver-like garment that ran from neck to boots and the boots were brown in color.

On the front of the creature’s suit were red criss-cross straps attached to a large backpack on the creatures back. 
Two bags hung from his belt. 
On the head, the alleged violent alien was wearing a round helmet, on top of which a propeller sort of thing was attached.

Despite the fact that the face of the alleged violent alien was covered by a translucent visor, Valentina was able to see this face.

“He had very white skin, blonde hair, blue eyes and a thick red mustache.”

Finally coming back to her senses, Valentina realized that all her sheep had been brutally killed, and she became furious as it was her only source of living. 
She approached the dome and began to swear loudly, and then she picked up stones from the ground and threw them at the killer. 

This act caught the violent alien by surprise, as Valentina saw a grimace of fear on his face. 
The creature then jumped into some kind of device, standing nearby, pressed something and immediately the dome of the web curled up and was pulled into this device.
When the web disappeared, Valentina saw another alien in the fence, exactly like the first one. 
He stood at the back of the fence and on realizing that he was noticed, the second creature ran out of the fence and ran to the nearest hill, where he sat down on some kind of mechanism that looked like a chair. 
Then the chair rose and flew away, leaving the first stranger in the fence.

At that moment, She pulled out her baton and went inside the fence with the clear intention of beating the killer properly. 
At the sight of a woman approaching him, the stranger began to speak something quickly in an incomprehensible language.
Valentina pounced stranger and hit him with a baton on the head, after which he began to bleed, but then he himself went on to attack and hit Valentina with the stick which he had previously used while gutting the flock of sheep. 
He inflicted a wound on her arm and chest, but could not hit Valentina’s daughter sitting on her back.

Valentina was not frightened and again hit the alien with a club and the creature screamed in pain, and one of his hand hung lifelessly. 
After that, the stranger grabbed his instrument and ran to the hills. 
There he sat on another chair-like device and flew away just like his partner.

Valentina ran home and told her husband about everything, and he registered a complaint to the authorities and a detachment of the Bolivian army was sent to the scene. 
They found the carcasses of sheep and gathered everyone to study. 
They also found drops of blood on the ground that had flown from the violent alien’s wounds and took samples for analysis.

It was found that the sheep were not simply gutted, but individual organs were removed, such as eyes, ears, parts of the muzzle, and fatty layers on the belly. 
It was also stated that most of the sheep’s blood was also removed. 

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