A Flying Humanoid Creature Over Los Angeles Is Recorded By A Pilot

You don’t need us to tell you that we are living in strange times. 
A pandemic has entered our life and we do not know when it will go away, we have witnessed the Pentagon recognizing the existence of UFOs, unique planetary conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter, Donald Trump losing the elections, and the former head of space security Israeli claiming that aliens are among us
And now we have a more than a surprising sighting of a Flying humanoid creature over Los Angeles.

Flying humanoid creature over Los Angeles

When it comes to rare stories, the nicknamed “Jet Pack Guy” from Los Angeles always takes the cake. 
After several sightings reported by airline pilots on more than one occasion of a humanoid creature flying thousands of miles near Los Angeles International Airport, one of the most congested airspaces in the world, investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as well as by the FBI, we now have evidence of its existence.

The video has not been published on any social network such as Reddit or YouTube. 
Rather, it was recorded by a pilot during an instructional flight of the Sling Pilot Academy in the Palos Verdes training area, in southwestern Los Angeles County in the state of California. 
As reported by the digital magazine The Drive, one of the pilots involved in the strange incident said that they were flying along their route in the practice area between Palos Verdes and Catalina Island when they saw what looked like an individual in a jet pack flying towards them in the opposite direction at almost 1,000 meters height.

The mysterious object passed by the right side of his plane and followed its trajectory until it disappeared from the angle of view. 
There was no communication from the object on the usually busy radio channel used for the training area.
 As such, the pilots reported the encounter to the FAA, however, as there were really no details to add, no official report was presented. 
They could only present the images, which is already a lot.

Many have suggested that it is a person flying over the ocean with a jetpack at 1,000 meters, but this theory is unfounded. 
The thrusters that exist have very short ranges and are not equipped to fly in dense airspaces, especially thousands of meters in the air.

So another suggested possibility is that it is some kind of drone disguised to look like a person with a jet pack. 
So the question is why would someone be doing this at such a height? 
What could be the intention or objective? 
Also, it must be said that if this were the case it is not a cheap or simple operation. 
And in this case, the humanoid wasn’t even flying over a populated area, it was over the sea, where no one was able to recognize it. 
For its part, the FAA has made the following official statement:

“The FAA has received no recent reports of pilots who believe they have seen someone in a jetpack in the skies over Los Angeles. The FAA has taken the sighting reports it has received seriously and has worked closely with the FBI to investigate them. However, the FAA has not been able to validate the reports. “

This statement coincides with the explanation of the pilot, that an official report was not presented. 
In addition, the authorities are investigating this incident and reviewing the radar records of previous sightings, although the strangest thing is that they did not detect anything unusual, as if it had not flown over that area. 
Not to say that there are no witnesses that provide evidence of the takeoff or landing of the “flying humanoid”.

Flying Humanoid Creature Over Los Angeles

It should also be added that this is not the first time something similar has been spotted. 
In 2015, investigative radio journalist and producer Dr. Anthony Choy recorded what appeared to be a mysterious humanoid flying through cloudy skies over Puerto Maldonado, Peru. 
As can be seen in the images, the enigmatic figure had a distinguishable head, arms, legs, as well as a trunk. 
And the most surprising thing was that the sighting lasted about 5 minutes before disappearing into the clouds. 
Suggested theories included that it was spirit guides or a humanoid-shaped UFO.

What do you think about the Los Angeles Flying Humanoid?

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