Flying Humanoids Were Filmed Thrice In A Month In USA

The flying humanoid phenomenon is one of the most unusual phenomena associated with ufology.
It represents rare occasions when people spot something unusual in the sky that resembles a humanoid figure with arms and legs.
The flying humanoids were spotted moving in some incomprehensible mechanism, levitating vertically and motionless.

Skeptics believe that eyewitnesses in all these cases either observed some flying balloons in the form of cartoon characters or some kind of homemade flying machines.
However, some cases do not fit into this theory.
This happens when the figures not only floated in the air, but changed their shape, moved their arms and legs, or moved through the air in such a way that cannot be attributed to the movement of the wind. 
And even nowadays, when there is an abundance of drones everywhere, the cases of observation of flying humanoids cannot be attributed to them, because drones have a certain shape and so far no company has been producing drones in the form of a human figure.

Footage of flying humanoids

In March 2020, two videos with flying humanoids from the state of Arizona were sent to the American UFO website MUFON.
The first video was filmed on March 22 over Phoenix, Arizona.
According to the person who recorded the video, his wife was the first to notice something unusual in the sky and mistook the object for a large bumblebee.
However, when the person who recorded the video looked at the object through binoculars, he saw something incomprehensible, similar to the figure of a man with wings. 

When he started filming the object, the object changed its shape several times over several minutes. 

The second video sent to MUFON was also filmed on March 22nd and that too in the Phoenix area only.
Apparently, the same flying object had been recorded on the camera as in the first video, just from a different point and by a different eyewitness.

Flying humanoid

Finally, the third video, which was filmed in early March in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and was not sent to MUFON, but was posted immediately on the social network. 
The guys were on the football field when they saw a strange black object in the sky that was similar in shape to a skinny man. 

So far no one has been able to determine what kind of objects are depicted in these three videos.

If you are interested in such sightings and want to know more about such flying humanoids sightings we recommend you this book which you can purchase directly from this link- Encounters with Flying Humanoids: Mothman, Manbirds, Gargoyles & Other Winged Beasts
A theory suggested that the spotted figures are “rocket men” – extreme sportsmen equipped with rocket packs, however, considering the videos, the recorded figures are not particularly similar to these “rocket men” theory. 
In addition, rocket men rarely reach such a high height and only certain models of backpacks are capable of doing this, which are not yet available to ordinary customers. 

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