A Security Camera Recorded An Invisible Force Moving A Motorcycle In India

India has countless stories that have no logical explanation, and they continue to pique our curiosity to this day. 
These stories are similar to the existence of the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti. 
But, like any other place, it also has a large number of haunted places. 
From Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan, where no one is allowed to enter after sunset, to Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, a movie studio complex where invisible force persecutes women more than men; From Kuldhara, the abandoned town of Rajasthan, to the royal palace of Shaniwar Wada in Pune, where the screams of a murdered prince are heard at night, all these places have a terrifying story to tell.

A Security Camera Recorded An Invisible Force Moving A Motorcycle In India

Even if you don’t believe in spirits or invisible forces, these places and their stories are fascinating and interesting places. 
Visitors generally return with their own experiences of having witnessed or felt something, or simply having a strange sensation but not actually seeing anything. 
And this little presentation leads us to the following news. 
A security camera recording went viral on social media as it showed a parked motorcycle suddenly beginning to move on its own on a street with no one present at night.

Invisible Force Moving A Bike At Night

Strange footage from a security camera in India shows a motorcycle moving by itself at night. 
The video in question was posted on the Twitter account of film producer Amber Zaidi on Tuesday, February 2, who commented on the chilling scene.

“Recorded by camera, otherwise no one believes.” 


Where, exactly, the incident occurred is unknown, but the timestamp in the video suggests that it took place around 1 a.m. on December 30.
 In the video, a motorcycle is initially parked on the side of a deserted street before it suddenly begins to move slowly.

The bike turns almost completely on the street but falls with what seems like considerable force. 
Sadly, the footage ends there with no indication of what happened to the motorcycle after the incident or how its owner reacted only to find it lying in the middle of the street. 
Be that as it may, the video has quickly gone viral on social media with netizens offering all kinds of theories about what they’re seeing.

Some users declared that the motorcycle had been moved by some kind of invisible forces found on the street, more specifically a skondhokata or nishir daak . 
Skondhokatas are headless ghosts whose origin has changed over time. 
In the 19th century, the Bengali Indian journalist Lal Behari Dey described them as vindictive and dangerous, willing to attack or enslave humans to help them find their lost heads. 
He suggested that they generally inhabit low and humid lands, outside towns or villages and walk in the dark, rolling on the ground, with their huge arms outstretched.
However, more contemporary descriptions of the Skondhokatas describe them as the ghosts of people decapitated on the train tracks. 
They are generally found near train stations but have occasionally been seen in cities.

A Security Camera Recorded An Invisible Force Moving A Motorcycle In India

The nishir daak, which means the “Call of the Night Spirit,” are ghosts of people who were not given a proper burial and appear as shadows in the distance. 
The word Nishir means “night” and Daak means “to call.” 
The nishir daak chooses a victim and calls out to them in the voice of their loved one. 
The invisible force use these calls to lure their victim to an isolated area before revealing themselves and killing their victim. 
However, it is possible to distinguish between the call of the nishir daak and the voice of a family member or friend. 
The nishir daak can only scream twice, so if you hear your name announced three times, you know that you are not being haunted by a ghost.

However, the most skeptical have suggested some logical and rational explanations. 
One theory is that the bike had a faulty cable that allowed it to start on its own and then moved down the street because it had been left in gear when parked.

Another possibility is that the incident was caused by ground vibration. And of course there are those who simply stated that the images are a very well crafted hoax.

What do you think about the strange video? 
Has the motorcycle been moved by a ghost? Or do you have a more skeptical opinion?

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