Terror In Chile: Allegedly A Chupacabra Has Drained The Blood Out Of More Than 50 Animals

More than a decade ago, farmers in Calama, a mining town in northern Chile, woke up to find their goats and sheep dead in their pens. 
The animals were mutilated by an unidentified predator.
When reporters arrived, the rumor of a chupacabra attack was spreading around at an alarming rate. 
A mix of a vampire and hairy lizard, the chupacabra has become one of the most common beasts studied in the field of cryptozoology, the study of animals that are still unknown.

Terror In Chile: Allegedly A Chupacabra Has Drained The Blood Out Of More Than 50 Animals

But the truth is that even to this day, no one has captured a chupacabra, although many witnesses claim to have seen one. 
Eyewitness accounts during a series of attacks in 1995, mainly in Puerto Rico, described the creature as having a reptilian body, oval head, bulging red eyes, fanged teeth, and a long, sharp tongue. 
However, the chupacabra is not only found in South America, but also in other parts of the world, including the United States and Europe. 
And now, in 2021, it seems that the chupacabra has returned since a mysterious vampire beast has killed at least 50 animals draining their blood in northern Chile.

The return of the chupacabra

Authorities and veterinarians in northern Chile are puzzled after finding dozens of dead llamas and alpacas with bitten chests. 
However, experts suggest that the fatal wounds do not match those of common predators, such as cougars and foxes, which normally attack directly to the neck.

Terror In Chile: Allegedly A Chupacabra Has Drained The Blood Out Of More Than 50 Animals

Farmers claimed that the creature only attacks at night and leaves no footprints to help identify or track it, further increasing the panic among the locals.
Some believe it could be the mythical chupacabra, which is said to feed itself by draining the blood of goats, cows, and horses. 
Since November, approximately 50 deaths of llamas and alpacas have been registered near the town of Colchani, between the border with Bolivia.

The mayor of Colchani, Javier García Choque, was so concerned that he hired a veterinarian to study the remains. 
And Chile’s Agricultural Livestock Service (SAG) has now launched an investigation to help solve the mystery. 
For his part, Andrea Nieto, the local vet who has already examined and investigated the bodies, could not determine what killed them.

“They are not the marks of predators from here like the puma or the fox. You only see two perforations in the thorax and nothing else. Apparently, from there the animal sucked, but a more exhaustive investigation is necessary. “

Andrea told Infobae

His report ruled out the possibility of an attack by wild dogs, which dismember their prey and the same went for the possibility of an attack by bats.

“From the bite, I can conclude that it is an animal with a small jaw, due to the size of its fangs, which are very advanced, unlike other predators that have them more on the sides.”

 Andrea continued explaining

“If necessary, we will send reports to other entities to help us find this creature.” 

Mayor Javier García.

When the first dead animals appeared, it was assumed by the locals that it was done by someone who was mentally unstable.

At first, when two or three dead turned up, we thought it was someone. But when more began to appear, we said that no one could be such evil. And the deaths went on and on. My cousins ​​told me it could be a creature called a chupacabra that left a seriously injured person in the south years ago. It scared me and we put solar panel lights to illuminate the pens and scare this animal away. I want them to find it so that it stops hurting. “

local farmer Juan Choque Choque.

Another farmer named Luis Choque said that foxes have multiplied in the area, but that recent killings do not coincide with attacks by regular predators.

“It makes a small hole, not in the neck, but in the side.  It does not eat its meat or its entrails. I’ve never seen anything like this before. It attacks at night and the animals don’t seem to defend their young. 

Luis Choque

The SAG confirmed that the reports were sent to officials to examine the two dead llama pups last week for bite marks and footprints that could identify the predator.

“However, in both cases, the animals were removed from their place of attack, which made the investigative work of the service difficult, 

The SAG spokesman

While the authorities are looking for the person responsible for such attacks, the farmers have decided to install hidden cameras in order to record the mysterious creature on video. 
This incident is puzzling Chilean authorities and veterinarians, but it is not the only incident that has occurred in recent years. 
Since the beginning of August 2020, at least 22 cases of mutilated or dead horses and ponies have been recorded in France. 
While some horses appear to have been cut off anywhere with some kind of knives, others have had their eyes plucked out and many had their ears cut off. 
Some horses, mainly mares, have also suffered genital mutilation.

And in August 2019, a truly egregious phenomenon occurred in eastern Oregon, USA.
Five breeding bulls turned up dead on a ranch, with all their blood sucked out, with their tongues and genitalia surgically removed. 
The mutilated bulls looked like “deflated teddy bears”  and according to investigators, the deaths were truly mysterious. 
So far no one knows what has been happening with all these animals, but everything indicates that it could be some type of creature that we still do not know.

Is Chupacabra, the culprit of the mysterious animal deaths in Chile?

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