“The Aliens Asked Me To Save Humanity”: Gabriel Green, Two-Time Presidential Candidate

By the end of the 1950s, a man named Gabriel Green grabbed the attention of American ufologists and considered himself a keen researcher of the UFO subject. 
Interestingly, in 1960, he suddenly announced that the aliens had asked him to become the president of the United States.

United States presidents have always been officially skeptical about the topic of aliens and UFOs. 
However, the most popular question remained answered, “Are UFOs and aliens real?”

At times, US authorities have attempted to debunk conspiracy theories. 
For example, during the Trump administration, the CIA and the Pentagon issued a direct statement on the publication of previously highly classified files on UFO sightings and studies.

There is a slight hint that former US presidents such as Nixon, Kennedy, and Eisenhower had some idea of ​​aliens. 
Unfortunately, they never officially disclosed anything. 
However, there is one name that is almost forgotten by everyone these days. 
This man wanted to get into the US Senate and also tried twice to become the President of the United States, publicly declaring that he has had regular contact with aliens.

Gabriel Green was a professional UFO photographer and researcher who was a registered candidate for the presidency of the United States in 1960 and 1972. 
Although he had no political experience, he was serious about becoming President of the United States. 

The reason for this, he said, was the “space people” who personally asked him to run for president in order to “save the world.”

Green was born in California in 1924. 
According to him, at first, he hesitated after hearing the request of the aliens, but then he realized that the Earth really needs urgent help from space people, otherwise it could doom itself to disaster. 

In the 50s and 60s, Green gained attention after he founded the Flying Saucer Club known as AFSCA (United Flying Saucer Clubs of America) and began publishing UFO books and brochures such as “Let’s face the facts about flying saucers.” 

Judging by these publications, Green contacted humanoids 1.5 meters tall, who allegedly came from the planet Corender, orbiting the triple star Alpha Centauri.
Gabriel Greene said that he was in “telepathic contact with the Cosmic Masters and the Great White Brotherhood.”

He also made statements that he personally saw about 75 UFOs. 
And on July 11, 1959, during a regular AFSCA event at the Statler-Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, he announced that UFOs would fly here to watch everyone in the audience.

In August 1960, Gabriel Green ran for the US Senate to be nominated for the presidency. 
His figure interested journalists and soon an article was published about him in the Los Angeles Times, where Green’s connection with UFOs and his “contacts with aliens” were detailed. 
Including the transcript of two audio files recorded at the convention of UFO enthusiasts, held at the Shrine Auditorium, was attached to the article:

“Well, at the request of space people, I decided that I would do so (become a candidate for the US presidency). At first, I was very resisted, because I felt very humbled when I was asked to take on such a responsibility. “

“To be honest, at first, I didn’t really feel that I wanted to take on such a grandiose project, but I realized everything when people from outer space talked to me about it and indicated that our civilization is doomed if someone does not make an effort and does not take any action to change the current direction in which humanity is moving. “

In the transcript of the second audio recording, one could hear Green introducing to the public a certain man named “Prince Nyason”, who said that he and his companion (there was also a woman, whose name remained unknown) arrived on Earth in 1927 from the planet Titanic. which is located at a distance of 1.5 light-years from Earth. 

In the same place, Green said that he had constant round-the-clock communication with ships in the Earth’s atmosphere and between planets.

What happened to Green next? 
With the 1960 elections, he, after this article, did not succeed, but he did not lose heart and in 1962 ran for the US Senate from California. 
He lost the elections again, finishing in third place with a total of over 171,000 votes. 

Green went on to work on his UFO magazine and the Flying Saucers Club, which in the meantime was joined by over 3,000 people. 
Then, in 1972, Green decided to go into politics again and was now directly running for president. 
Unfortunately, he again suffered a great defeat.

After that, Gabriel Green reduced his attention to himself. 
He moved to the California desert and got engaged with his publications on UFOs and aliens. 
The media wrote about Green again only in 2001, when he died. 

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