A Strange Gold Monolith Appears In Colombia

It began as a strange find in a remote desert in Utah, but in a few weeks, and after the virality of the event, other similar structures began to appear around the world (Romania, California, Russia), and now Gold Monolith Appears In Colombia.

Gold Monolith Appears In Colombia

This Saturday, social networks in Colombia began to fill with photos and videos of what would be the strange appearance of a gold monolith in the municipality of Chía, located a few kilometers from Bogotá. It is unknown who located it there, and the only thing that is known is that it was found by some workers in the morning.

The most likely explanation for the phenomenon so far, and given that it has spread globally, is that the original (in Utah, silver and 10 feet tall) was a work of art abandoned for years, found fortuitously from the air. a few weeks ago. And being this news for its rarity reminiscent of the iconic film 2001: A Space Odyssey , several people around the world began to reproduce the work giving it their personal touch and maintaining the mystery. After all, you have to get rid of the boredom from confinement of so many months.

Gold Monolith Appears In Colombia

Are Monoliths A Social Experiment?

The mundane nature of these metal structures almost led to the early ruling out that they were the product of interplanetary artists. However, after one of the appearances in Russia, some people from Tula State University suggested that it was a teleportation experiment from that country related to quantum leaps .

Although more than a scientific experiment, the matter of monoliths appearing and disappearing looks more like a social experiment, potentially a marketing one. The mystery is of what and for what.

Source: Infobae

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