Strange Incidents Of Creepy Midget Aliens And Their Encounters With Children In Malaysia

A unique series of ufological events took place in Malaysia in the 1970s and 1980s. People began to regularly see little disc-shaped UFOs that looked like toys, piloted by tiny men(Midget Aliens).

It all started in the summer of 1970 in the city of Johor Bahru. Four schoolchildren were once playing on the playground when they saw that a small “flying saucer”, no larger than a dining tureen, had dropped from the sky.

When the children surrounded this UFO, five little men (Midget Aliens) came out of it, their height was about 12 cm.
They were wearing red overalls. The little men crawled into some hole in the ground, and then their small ship disappeared into the air, leaving behind only a speck of burnt grass.

The schoolchildren ran and told the headmaster about everything. They were very excited and scared, so it can be assumed that this was not fiction, but they really saw it all.

Several weeks passed and on August 17, 1970, the miniature UFO again chose the schoolyard as its landing site. 
It was now Stowell Elementary School in Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Penang District. The children saw how several men came out of the small ship, about 7-8 cm high. 

Midget Aliens

They wore blue overalls or space suits, and tiny antennae protruded from their helmets. One of the men was in a bright yellow robe, perhaps it was their commander. The little men climbed onto a large board and began to build something high on it, like a large antenna, completely ignoring the children standing nearby.

One of the boys woke up in amazement and decided to try to catch one little man. And then a man in yellow shot him with a small weapon that shoots a laser beam. After that, the boy cried out in pain and all the children ran to the school to tell the teachers about the incident.

When the children and adults soon returned to the site, there was no ship or people there. However, on the same day, but a little later, a boy from the same school ran out to the yard for a walk and saw a “plate” (probably the same one) standing on the ground, and next to it one of the tiny aliens. 

This time, the alien did not wait for the child to come closer to him, but immediately fired a laser at him. The boy lost consciousness and fell. When he woke up, the UFO and the alien were gone, and there was a painful red scar on his arm.

Further after these events, local children began to regularly report that they saw small flying ships and little people, from 7 to 12 cm in height. Some of them tried to catch them, but they either ran away or were fired back from a laser. After their shots, red scars or cuts remained on the skin.

This series of events continued until the end of the summer of 1970, and then everything ended abruptly. However, in 1973, small humanoids again flew to Malaysia and again they landed only near schools.

In Gambang, not far from Kuatan, two children managed to catch the humanoid and even show it to their teacher. According to the adult, he actually saw a tiny man wriggling violently, being clutched in a child’s fist. But then he broke free and quickly ran away somewhere.

Shortly thereafter, children playing football at the playground in Bukit Mertajam saw a silver disc landing at the edge of the field. 
They immediately went there to look at him, but the little aliens met them with their lasers. The guys ran away and then the small ship flew away.

In the same year, a couple of months later, a small flying disc was seen in a field in Ipoh, again near the school. And now several teachers managed to notice him before he flew away. 

Then there were observations in the city of Miri, Sarawak region. The schoolchildren saw a 12 cm tall man wearing a spacesuit trying to cut a hole in the fence with a miniature welding tool. As soon as the alien noticed the children, he hid in the bushes.

Then everything stopped, but in 1976 miniature ships were observed even near the base of the Royal Malaysian Air Force, which is not far from the city of Kuantan. Then there was a message from a 9-year-old boy living at the base who met a tiny humanoid drinking water from a drain.

“He had two appendages on his head, and in his hand he held a steel stick (laser?). A pistol hung on his belt. He was wearing brown clothes and looked like a man,” the boy said.

According to the child, on the same evening, the same creature was seen by two of his friends, whom he brought to look at the “midget”. Then they told their teacher about him, and when he went to the indicated place, he did not find the little man there, but he saw a very skillfully woven little hut from grass. The house was half crushed.

Midget Aliens

Then all such observations stopped again, now until 1979. And when the tiny humanoids began to fly to Malaysia again, they were now much more aggressive. After they were fired from a laser, one of the children was paralyzed by the arm, and in another case, three children and adults were completely blind for a while.

Then everything was quiet again. The last time the tiny people flew to Malaysia was in 1985. A group of seven 12cm men were spotted in a schoolyard in the Paka countryside, Terengganu. 

Since then, the Midget Aliens in Malaysia have not been seen again and there are still many questions about what it was. Could this be a case of mass hysteria, when children just composed something because it attracted the attention of the press? But what about the cases when adults have seen these “Alien midgets”?

But if all this is true, then for what purpose did the Midget Aliens land precisely near the schools? Did they need something from the children? Why did they seem so vicious when trying to establish contact and even shoot back at children with their weapons?

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