Roswell Witness : “My father tortured and killed witnesses to the Roswell incident”

UFO researcher Anthony Bragalia is known for his thorough investigations and searches.And he managed to get away a lot of witnesses of various episodes connected with UFOs. But most of them are witnesses of events directly related to the collapse of the UFO inRoswell. Then, in July 1947, not far from the inconspicuous town in the middle of the American desert, an unknown flying object collapsed to the ground, which at first even the US military recognized as “a flying saucer and a flying saucer that had been wrecked from the scene of the disaster by the US Air Force.” But within a few days the object was declared an incorrectly identified meteorological probe. And now Bragalia has published, perhaps, one of the most bizarre stories of eyewitnesses of those events. The daughter of a veteran of the Second World War claims that her father after the end of the war oppressed and pursued, on behalf of military witnesses of the UFO disaster, and at the same time presumably, even indirectly, caused their death or killed them directly. This story deserves attention, since such cases were also remembered in the testimony of other witnessesincident in Roswell.(Roswell Witness)

Roswell Witness

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So, the source of this information was the daughter of a former officer – participant in the Second World War, which was part of the notorious group “hell’s Angels“(Hell’s Angels) 303 bomber compound US Air Force. Subsequently, he worked at the airbase “Wright-Patterson Air Force Base” (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base). It was here, along with other officers, that he received orders to silence witnesses who had seen and experienced something that they were not supposed to see or know. To such witnesses, the daughter of a veteran of Bragalia told, the persons who witnessed the collapse of a UFO inRoswell and the collection of debris at the scene of the accident, especially those who took for themselves something of those debris.(Roswell Witness)

As a result of many years of searching on the Internet, Bragalia drew attention to the woman he calls Michelle Penn. In this case, the real name of the researchers hide. And Bragalia himself turned to her, and not vice versa, as some would like to imagine.

Her father, whom she calls Lieutenant Hunter Glenn Penn, and at home was a rude and cruel man who had problems with alcohol. Therefore, when choosing the means by which he compelled witnesses to silence and the issuance of information and evidence, he did not shun anything. In war, due to injury, he lost his hand, but instead of a classical prosthesis he ordered a prosthesis, which was a mechanical arm with iron claws. The witnesses whom Penn took into circulation recalled that he had threatened them with a pickaxe that served also to destroy their property during compulsory testimony and the issuance of evidence.(Roswell Witness)

Thus, he managed to inspire some of his victims with such fear and panic that he later began to fear for his family and admitted that one or several people died as a result of a heart attack immediately after such repression. “Later, he confessed with tears to me what he had done. From his story it followed that he was given an unlimited choice, what means can be used to achieve the goal. Most likely, the goal was nervous breakdowns and suicides, “the woman said.

The father, who died in 1993, she said, was a soldier who did not question orders and was completely dependent on the authority of his superiors. Since he himself with the city Roswell was not bound by anything, in this case he turned out to be an ideal “mouth-stopper.” Prior to him, this function was assigned to local military personnel who warned of the need to remain silent as “good cops”, strongly recommending submitting. But those who did not hurry to heed these insistent requests was the “bad cop” – Lieutenant Hunter Penn.(Roswell Witness)

Michelle Penn’s amazing memories were confirmed by her cousin Bragalie – Jane Penn Lane, the niece of Hunter Penn, who, alas, died last December.

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Bragaliya wants an emphasis on the plausibility of the evidence of the new witness. Not least because she did not contact him with this information, and he himself had to search for it for a very long time before she told him this story in detail. He himself came across stories about her father as a result of long searches “in the depths of the Internet”, and these were the lines she herself (daughter of Hunter) wrote about her father’s role in the Roswell incident. “Michelle’s words sound very balanced, even, honest, clear and believable. Now she is a mother, a spouse and a woman with high intelligence who is aware of her responsibility. “(Roswell Witness)

In fact, this is not the first case of reports of such forceful methods of pressure in connection with the Roswell incident. In his article, Bragaglia cites words and other witnesses about Lieutenant Hunter Penne, who previously reported on such actions by the military:

“The demonstrative destruction of property during searches and searches of materials from the crash site, which were kept by the ranchers and other local residents, was reported earlier. In the middle of the 2000s, for example, Faun Fritz, the great-granddaughter of the ranch manager William “Mac” Brezel and the granddaughter of his son Bill Brazer Jr., told a story to researchers Roswell Tom Carey and Don Schmitt. Faun then said that at that time whole parts of her great-grandfather’s house were smashed in front of the whole family, all sacks with cattle fodder were cut, and all the floorboards in the house were ripped off. “(Roswell Witness)

Summarizing all these stories, Bragalia posits the hypothesis: “All these stories represent a type of work that worked, waving to the right and left, with its metal clawed claw. And his name was Hunter Glenn Penn. “

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