A Terrifying Horned Demon Was Captured By A Camera Near A Child’s Bed

In January 2021, 41-year-old American Tory Mackenzie was visiting the home of her eldest son Ryan, who has a 2-year-old daughter, Amber, and a 7-month-old son. During her visit, she believes that her motion-sensing camera captured a horned demon

Once, when Tori had already put her granddaughter to bed, she accidentally heard the girl say to someone “Go away” as if there were someone else in the room except the girl and the baby. 

Tori worried about this and installed a video surveillance camera in the children’s room that detects movement and takes pictures at the moment of movement. A few days later, Tori decided to see what the camera had recorded, and was horrified to see a whitish, translucent figure near the children’s beds.

On the head of the figure, two horns are clearly visible, and on the fingers like long claws. The figure stands bent over by the bed.

A Terrifying Horned Demon Was Captured By Camera Near A Child's Bed

To show that this is not some kind of camera glitch and that this terrible “horned demon” is really not human, Tori showed another picture taken by the camera in which the girl’s father came to visit the child. His figure looks completely natural.

A Terrifying Horned Demon Was Captured By Camera Near A Child's Bed
The camera captured the photo of Ryan, The girl’s father

These pictures Tory Mackenzie recently posted on her Facebook page, accompanied by a story. 

She also wrote that after what she saw, she “cleaned” the house, burning aromatic oils, but in doing so she encountered other anomalies. Tony assures that she heard the music coming out of nowhere when she opened the closets and pulled back the curtains.

Many comments were left on Tony’s post, including from skeptics, but the woman told them that this was definitely not a prank and that she didn’t even know how to handle photo editors. 

It was also stated that the camera, among other things, recorded “flying balls” in the nursery. After all this, the father of the children moved the cribs to his room.

“It was so shocking when I saw it. I had to look at the picture twice to convince it was true. The first thing I saw was the horns on his head, so I immediately thought it was a devil or a demon.” , says Tony.

“When the camera captured the flying balls, we thought at first that they were some kind of guardian spirits watching over the children. But I have no idea what is in this picture. It looks terrible!”

A Terrifying Horned Demon Was Captured By Camera Near A Child's Bed
A snapshot of a “horned demon” with enhanced contrast

According to Tony, she showed this picture to her younger children and they too were scared of this creature. 

“Everyone in the house was asleep at that moment, so it could not have been the girls’ father or his wife. We still have all this footage on camera and I know that this is something supernatural. After that Ryan moved the cribs of the children to another room. Of course, nothing bad happened to the children, but who knows what could have happened? “

Tori says she is surprised that there is something so dark in this house, since the house was built just 20 years ago. 

She also said that, as it turned out, this figure used to, apparently, regularly come to the girl’s bed and she talked to her, laughing and chatting, as if with an imaginary friend. But then for some reason, she told him “Go away.”

What do you think about this incident? Is it some sort of prank or a real demon encounter?

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