Photograph a humanoid similar to an astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness

Scotland is a country famous for its extensive mythology. From goblins and fairies to feminine and aquatic spirits, it has at least as many legends as real stories. But not all Scottish legends are simple fairy tales. The constituent nation has many paranormal myths and ghost stories that are as terrifying as they are mysterious.(astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness)

And the truth is that as you move towards winter, Scotland becomes a twilight place with its short days and long dark nights. The atmosphere has influenced popular superstitions. In Scotland, you can expect the unexpected. Whether in the tallest tower of an imposing castle, deep in a dark forest, or just below the surface of a large lake, it is not uncommon to experience something that simply can not be explained.

Scottish folklore is full of quirky stories and mysterious, sometimes sinister stories, whose origin is forgotten times. Among all his legends we find the Green Lady, the vampire of the necropolis of Glasgow, the queen of the Scottish witches, without forgetting the monster of Loch Ness . It is in this last place that the new event is centered. A tourist claims to have photographed a mysterious astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness.(astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness)

The “astronaut” of Loch Ness

Thomas Pope, a worker at a golf course in Somerset, England, was visiting Loch Ness with a group of people. It was the first time he visited the famous Scottish lake, as he was always attracted to one of the best-known legends of our history, the Loch Ness Monster. At one point, Thomas took advantage of the moment when the other members of the group were resting to photograph a bridge.(astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness)

humanoid lake ness - Photograph a humanoid similar to an astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness

At first he did not see anything unusual, but when he later reviewed the photo he discovered a strange silhouette, which he could appreciate better by zooming. The 38-year-old Englishman was speechless when he saw what appeared to be a mysterious appearance very similar to an astronaut. As seen in the picture, on the bridge of the Scottish lake there seems to be a strange humanoid with some kind of space suit, white, even has a kind of helmet with a dark visor that hides his face.

Without thinking twice, he showed the image to a friend, who also saw the mysterious “astronaut” in the background , on the bridge.

“I did not see the strange figure when I was taking the picture, I discovered it later and I zoomed in to see it better, ” Thomas told the British tabloid Daily Star . “It’s really weird, I just can not explain it.”

Thomas acknowledges being a lover of everything related to the paranormal and the extraterrestrial theme, so he believes that the mysterious astronaut may be related to the legendary astronaut of Solway , another humanoid similar to an astronaut who appeared in a 1964 photo behind a girl. As we already published in Esoteric and Paranormal World, the famous photo was taken by firefighter Jim Templeton during a field day with his wife and daughter near Burgh by Sands, overlooking the Solway Fjord in Cumbria, England.

Templeton made a series of photos of her daughter sitting on the grass with a bouquet of wildflowers. In the first pictures there seemed to be nothing strange, but in another there was a strange figure behind the head of his daughter. Much has been written about Solway’s astronaut, but today it remains a mystery.(astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness)

humanoid astronaut lake ness - Photograph a humanoid similar to an astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness

And as often happens with this type of photographs, the astronaut of Loch Ness has not gone unnoticed by Internet users. The believers in the supernatural assure that it is a humanoid being and that it is not a coincidence that it has appeared in Loch Ness, since they consider that Nessie could be of extraterrestrial origin.(astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness)

However, the most skeptical believe that the image of Thomas is a simple assembly made with some type of program type Photoshop, or even some type of pareidolia.(astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness)

And what do you think? Is it a humanoid being similar to an astronaut? Or is it a montage?

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