A woman finds a strange alien creature near Area 51

A woman posted a strange video on TikTok for help after encountering a strange-looking creature with long limbs .

The user of the popular iOS and Android application tik tok “stinkyeyescrappy” uploaded the clip last Tuesday and asked if anyone could identify a “little creature”.

In the video you can clearly see a strange creature with a striking resemblance to a lizard, which has uneven skin that covers its head to its tail. 
It is holding on to the edge of a rock and not moving as the woman moves the camera to show the front. 
Users asked for more details, but the woman only explained that she had found it in the state of Nevada, USA

This caused quite a bewilderment among the spectators who showed their surprise at the “alien-looking” creature that clung with its extremely long legs to the rock.

While thousands of people tried to find a logical and rational explanation, there were those who compared the lizard-shaped animal , which has four long limbs, with a terrifying creature from a horror movie. 
Some called him the “Lizard Slenderman” or a Star Wars character. 
But the real controversy started when several users tried to search for it on the internet, but couldn’t find any answer.

The video has been played more than 2.8 million times, more than 550 thousand likes, and more than 16 thousand comments. 
To help narrow down the search, “Stinkyeyescrappy” said it found the creature at an undetermined location in the city of Boulder City in Nevada, USA 

This revelation caused another theory, that the creature escaped from Area 51, which is found a few kilometers.

But the most skeptical doubted that the creature was real and suggested that it could be a toy, more specifically a sticky plastic lizard that throws itself at the wall.

 In any case, no one has yet found the answer to the strange long-limbed creature . However, this is not the first time that an “animal” has caused a whole controversy on social networks.

alien creature near Area 51

What do you think about the strange creature? Is it a new species of lizard? An extraterrestrial being?

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