The Lost Books Of Enki: Memoirs of an Anunnaki God and Beginning of Human Civilizations

The Lost Books Of Enki: It is said to be among a collection of 25,000 Sumerian tablets from over 5,000 years ago.

The Lost Books Of Enki are said to have been suppressed as it contains the true hidden story of the Anunnaki, beginning with their arrival on Earth from Nibiru, the creation of the human being (Adamu), and the reigning establishments in Sumeria, Egypt and in the Indus River Valley.

This story precedes the Bible, the Hebrew Torah, and the Quran by about 5,000 years and has many similarities to those texts, such as the Garden of Eden (E.DIN), Adam and Eve (Adamu and Ti-Amat), and the Flood .

 It also narrates an ancient war where the three civilizations are destroyed and the god Marduk is left with sole power.

The 25,000 Sumerian tablets were reportedly found in Nineveh, Iraq, in the royal palace of the Assyrian king, Ashurbanipal. The alternative story it tells has been calculated to be about 450,000 years old.

The lost books of Enki: first tablets, the arrival of the Anunnaki

The Lost Books Of Enki
Cylindrical seal VA 243, of the Sumerians

In the First, Tablet Nibiru is described as having problems in his atmosphere

To restore it, the Anunnaki decided to use gold, but they had to find gold reserves on other planets. The god Alalu travels to the planet Ki (Earth) to search for the gold and finds it.

Then Enki arrives to establish a command base in Eridu, Sumeria, the same Biblical Eden called E.DIN, and the gold mining begins. After a while, the Anunnaki driven to mine the gold felt exploited and rebelled against Enki and Enlil .

Enki and Enlil then decide to artificially create primitive workers to replace the gods . In the Sixth Tablet, Enki devised that a genetically engineered hybrid could be created : a hybridization between an Earthling hominid being and the “essence of life” or Anunnaki DNA . 

The final human model was executed and called “Adamu” (the same as in Genesis), along with its female counterpart Ti-Amat.

Because these Adam and Eve procreated, Enlil decided to expel them from the E.DIN station (Eden) towards the Abzu station of Enki. 

The Seventh Tablet narrates that Adanu and Ti-Amat procreated and populated the Earth , in addition, Enki mixed with earthly daughters of Adanu.

Royal lineage of the Adapa hybrid, Ziusudra and the Universal Flood

Detail of the Seal of Adda: Anunnaki gods with Enki in the center, the figure with streams and fish

In one of these copulations Adapa is born and then the woman Titi. Adapa became the First Civilized Man due to his high intelligence and Enki’s education. 

On the Eighth Tablet, Adapa begins working on seed crops created by Enki and Enlil . In Tablet Nine, a proliferation of humanity is described and the Adapa lineage remains royalty.

The Anunnaki mixed quite a bit with humans , like Enki and a human woman, who gave birth to Prince Ziusudra. However, on Earth a lot of drought and pests begin to be generated , in addition to the prediction that a flood will occur . 

Many Anunnaki begins to leave Earth, but Enki decides to warn Ziusudra about the Flood, instructing him to build a submarine and to guard the “seeds of life

Nibiru’s approach to Earth causes the Whiteland ice cap to slide , causing a massive tsunami. Ziusudra managed to survive with his submarine and when the waters receded, the Anunnaki reestablished ground command stations.

Sumeria, Egypt and the Anunnaki war

Possibly Marduk fighting Tiamat. Drawing of an Assyrian engraved plate

On Tablet 11, Ninhursag acquires the neutral land of Talmun , Marduk is granted the Darkened Lands, and Enlil the Ancient Lands

There are many conflicts and Inanna declared war on Marduk

The Anunnaki under Enlil’s command threatened him and condemned him to exile. Additionally, Enki and Enlil politically divided Earth for their descendants.

Tablet 12 narrates that in the First Region of Enlil the human civilization of Sumeria is established. 

Marduk seized the Second Region (Egypt) and exiled Ningishzidda (Tot). 

Marduk declared himself the supreme god Ra and established the reigns of pharaohs. Innana, meanwhile, governed the Third Region: the Indus Valley (Afghanistan, Pakistan).

On Tablet 13 the Anunnaki-human hybrid demigods became kings and priests, but populations begin to revolt in civil wars and the gods began to use nuclear weapons that caused calamities. 

In Tablet 14 the center of Marduk, Babili, survived the war and Enki intuit that Marduk will be left with a supreme hegemony

Enki and Enlil retreated to distant lands, but Enki decided to leave this story written on the tablets.


Enki’s Lost Book is an alternate story that has not been 100 percent confirmed (information comes from Zecharia Sitchin’s work). However, it could be under censorship from academics. 

The narrative seems to precede what ancient texts like the Hebrew Torah, the Bible, and the Koran sayIt is very likely that the Anunnaki have performed all these actions on Earth, based on what we have read in Sumerian texts and from the other books already mentioned.

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  1. If true, the humans on this planet are Annunakean humans. From what i know, this wasnt supposed to happen as there were protection wards all over the place and they were discarded by the gods that came here.

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