Vatican’s Alleged Cover-Up: Hidden History Before the Great Flood

A controversial claim suggests that the Roman Catholic Church has engaged in a massive cover-up, withholding knowledge about an advanced civilization predating the great flood. This hidden history, according to the narrative, has been suppressed by the Vatican, driven by biblical ideologies and a desire to prevent interaction with exotic species.

Confiscation of Artifacts and Suppression of Academic Articles By The Vatican

The alleged cover-up involves powerful forces eradicating evidence and confiscating artifacts and academic articles that substantiate the existence of a pre-flood world. Furthermore, claims assert that churches were deliberately constructed on pagan sites, serving both to conquer civilizations and conceal remnants from the pre-flood era.

Vatican's Alleged Cover-Up: Hidden History Before the Great Flood

Challenging the Neanderthal Narrative and Unearthing Evidence

The widely accepted notion that humans evolved from Neanderthals is disputed by firsthand evidence, which contradicts this prevailing theory. The theory posits that a pre-deluge civilization was influenced by an exotic species, who constructed awe-inspiring monoliths and artifacts surpassing anything seen today. These alleged aliens played a role in seeding human populations that ultimately led to our present state, despite much of the evidence being lost due to the flood.

Controlling the Population and Pagan Sites as Portals

The alleged motive behind the cover-up revolves around maintaining control over the general public. Disclosure of the earlier civilization and the existence of pagan sites, believed to be portals for extraterrestrial travel, would potentially disrupt societal control. Additionally, certain abnormalities in historical records, such as the presence of giants and genetic deformities, are attributed to interbreeding between non-human species and humans.

Vatican's Alleged Cover-Up: Hidden History Before the Great Flood

Unveiling the Secrets and Timothy Alberino’s Claims Regarding The Vatican

Timothy Alberino, director and presenter of the documentary “True Legends, The Imprudence,” claims to have evidence supporting the Vatican’s long-standing plot to conceal pre-flood history while preparing humanity for the arrival of extraterrestrial beings with a different gospel. He suggests that hidden artifacts in Vatican vaults and archives have been confiscated and concealed, affirming the existence of the pre-flood world.

Suppression of History and Vatican’s Alleged Preparations

Vatican's Alleged Cover-Up: Hidden History Before the Great Flood

The alleged cover-up is portrayed as the largest suppression of history, with the Vatican believed to possess comprehensive knowledge of the secrets. Speculation surrounds the Vatican’s monitoring of the skies through the LUCIFER Telescope, with rumors suggesting preparations for the arrival of alien “Masters.” These actions seem to position the Roman Catholic Church as a key player in an extraterrestrial revelation.

The Roman Catholic Church is characterized as an institution with exceptional control over official history. The statement “Those who control the past control the future” aligns with claims of the church’s strict regulation of historical narratives.

The claims and speculations surrounding this narrative are certainly thought-provoking. We encourage you, our readers, to share your opinions and insights on this intriguing subject. What are your thoughts on the alleged cover-up and its implications? We look forward to hearing your perspectives and engaging in a meaningful discussion.

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  1. And what do you think will happen the day after disclosure? The truth will be revealed; all humans are not created equal. Some were modified as workers to mine the gold. Monotomic gold.

  2. I think the truth is more complicated and multilevel. I think Anunnaki thought about future too. I think it will not matter in the future if some of humans are workers by design. We do not know the plan but we’re still here some there is something they’re interested in.

  3. Scientists don’t believe humans evolved from Neanderthals. First, most scientists would say Neanderthals were a kind of human. Second, they believe that both modern humans (Homo sapiens) and Neanderthals evolved from an earlier species of the Homo genus. No one is sure exactly which species: could have been Homo heidelbergensis or Homo antecessor or something else – we don’t have as many fossils from the Middle Pleistocene as we’d like. But Neanderthals are clearly more like our distant cousins than our ancestors.

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