Ahool: A Terrifying Giant Legendary Bat Capable Of Eating Humans

Ahool (Ahool) or Ahul is a mysterious winged creature of very large size that lives. according to eyewitnesses, somewhere in the dense jungle of the island of Java in Indonesia.

Ahool: A Terrifying Giant Legendary Bat Capable Of Eating Humans

The creature balances on the verge of a mythical monster and a real animal unknown to science. At the same time, according to the same myths and fairy tales, Ahool hunts not only animals but can also attack people. In particular, there were several reports that he kidnapped and ate teenagers. In general, any local hunter who has disappeared without a trace in the jungle is often called the victim of Ahool

Appearance Of The Cryptid Bat Ahool

According to eyewitness stories, Ahool has a muzzle similar to the face of a monkey, but the eyes are bulging, dark, without protein, and look like the eyes of bats or the eyes of fruit bats. The mouth is full of sharp teeth that can bite through the skin of even large animals. 

Ahool‘s body is covered with short grayish fur, and its wings are leathery, very large, and brownish-reddish in color. There are long clawed fingers at the ends of the wings.

The approximate wingspan of Ahool is described as 8-9 meters (!). At the same time, Ahool itself can reach a height of about 3 meters.

Ahool: A Terrifying Giant Legendary Bat Capable Of Eating Humans

Behavior Of The Legendary Bat Ahool

Ahool is usually described as a very aggressive creature towards people, but otherwise, he has the behavior of a typical coastal predator – Ahool mainly feeds on fish and those careless animals that are in his field of vision.

Ahool can attack people when people accidentally enter his territory and only when it is one or two people, no more. Ahool is probably afraid of attacking a larger group of people. 

Some hunters claimed that Ahool pursued them in the jungle, deftly moving through the treetops. 
It is believed that Ahool at first leisurely pursues prey, and then sharply attacks it at the right moment and bites strongly with sharp teeth. The victim immediately begins to lose blood, weakens, and when it stops resisting, Ahool begins to eat it.

Sometimes it was described that Ahool dragged the bodies of people wounded or killed by it to a certain place and left them there “in reserve”.

It has been reported that Ahools in the jungle are few in number and live in small groups consisting of a male and several females with cubs.


The vast majority of reports about Ahula are unverified and are local tales and tales. There is only one truly reliable story about the meeting with Ahool, which was recorded in 1925.

What makes this case credible is that the eyewitness was not just a local hunter, but a doctor named Ernest Bartels, who at the time was on a research tour of West Java and was near Mount Salak.

When the doctor was wandering through the forest, he suddenly saw a very large creature flying right over his head. And this creature was many times larger than the largest fruit bat of these places. 

the man tried to catch up with the creature, but it was flying too fast and he soon lost sight of it.

Surprisingly, two years later, when Dr. Bartels was again in the same places, he heard some mysterious animal in the jungle shouting loudly “Ahuuul! Ahuuul!”

Although he could not see this creature in the thicket, he immediately remembered what he had seen two years before and remembered that the locals were talking about a huge flying monster that makes just such a cry.

Theories Regarding The Existence Of Ahool

There are several theories that could explain what Ahool is, if indeed it is a real being. 

The first is that Ahul is actually some kind of pterosaurs (flying lizards) that have survived to this day in a small deserted area of ​​the island of Java. 

Another theory holds that any large birds are mistaken for theAhool. However, in Java, there are no birds so large as to fit the descriptions of Ahul.

A third theory is that it may be a small group of fruit bats with abnormalities in the form of gigantism due to illness or a glitch in the genes. 

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