Al Bielek: The man who claimed to have traveled to the future and remained 2 years in the 2749

A 57-year-old man named Al Bielek, who had suffered a severe amnesia for years, began to remember several hidden passages of his life, so he went to various therapies to unlock his memory.

Al Bielek

From that moment, he discovered that he had worked on the Montauk Project, an alleged US government secret project carried out in the 1970s and 1980s at the Montauk Air Force Station on Long Island, An immediate consequence of the Philadelphia Experiment, had developed psychological warfare techniques and incredible research, including time travel. Bielek was convinced that his memories had been repressed and blocked to keep that project secret.(Al Bielek)

As his memories were reappearing, Bielek claimed to have recalled that his birth name was Edward Cameron and that in the Montauk Project had worked with his brother Duncan Cameron, a young man with psychic abilities, when they were in their early twenties. A few years later, Bielek publicly presented his story at a conference, stating that the “Philadelphia Experiment”, apart from achieving the invisibility and teleportation of the USS Eldridge, had also opened a wormhole that connected the present and the future.(Al Bielek)

Al BielekBielek explained that he and his brother were commissioned in 1983 to travel back in this wormhole to destroy the equipment of the USS Eldridge, since their arrival in 1983 was causing several problems, so the only option was to go into the past and Avoid their arrival. According to Bielek, he and his brother completed the mission, however, by an accident both ended in 2137, where they spent six weeks in a hospital bed recovering from burns from being in contact with hyperspace. There they stayed for 6 weeks until Al Bielek, by means unknown to him, ended up traveling to the year 2749, where, according to his version, he stayed for two years.

Bielek reported that when he arrived in 2749, he woke up in a hospital. The first thing that caught his attention was the advanced surgical material and typical of the establishment, incredibly revolutionary, which had nothing to do with the current. According to Bielek, the medical system of the future used “vibrational and light treatments.”

He also affirmed that there were numerous floating cities that could be transported to different parts of the planet. Some of them were more than 2.5 miles high, all thanks to years of research that allowed to control the law of gravity. And the world’s population was extremely small, for in 2749 there were barely 300 million people around the world. And the United States, one of the largest countries on the planet, contained about 50 million inhabitants. According to Bielek, this was because only a few people would have been able to adapt to the “new world”.

Al BielekBielek also said that there were no wars in 2749, although there had been a great conflagration between the Russians and the Chinese, as well as between the United States and Europe. But in 2749, according to Bielek, wars were practically impossible. There were no military or soldiers, navy or any air force, so any conflict between countries was irrelevant. In fact, there was no government, as a computer system of synthetic intelligence, built in the 26th century, executed everything and made everything work correctly. This system, moreover, had eliminated physical labor forever.

Bielek also reported that no one needed money, simply “there was no need to have it.” Everyone had their own “credits”, which allowed them to “buy” everything they wanted and wanted at any time. The land had also undergone drastic climatic and geographical changes; in fact, two-thirds of the present state of Florida had disappeared under the ocean. The inversion of the earth’s poles, meanwhile, had been stopped by an artificial pole structure that had been specially designed to stop the great collapse that could have occurred.

Bielek, after returning to look for his brother in the year 2137 – according to reported – would have returned with him to the year 1983 by the same hole of worm, although the Montauk project managers, after registering all its fabulous history, were worried to erase Their memories to prevent it from being publicly propagated. Bielek, after recovering all his memories, has since related his unprecedented and presumed future experience in more than 40 conferences and more than 50 radio interviews. Many, of course, have accused him of being a charlatan, although not a few who believe that he is a true crononauta or traveler in time.
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  1. Incredible. With so many Hollywood sci-fi movies on the similar lines, nothing new to know about the ‘future’.

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