Alec Newald: A Man Who Claims To Have Spent 10 Days With Aliens

Conspiracy theorists and space aficionados are arguing over Alec Newald’s claims that he made in 2017 in a radio show about UFOs and paranormal phenomena “As You Wish Talk Radio”. In his claims he stated that he was abducted by aliens 30 years ago and also spent 10 days with them. Alec further said that this particular incident revolutionised his view of the universe and the existence of extraterrestrials.

Alec Newald: A Man Who Claims To Have Spent 10 Days With Aliens

The Abduction Of Alec Newald

In 1989, Alec was driving to Auckland from his native city of Rotorua on a cold morning in early February. On the mountainous road, the average travel duration was around three hours, but when he reached his destination, he was surprised to learn the fact that he had been absent for 10 days. He had no idea where he had been all these days. Also, after he reached his destination, he suffered from headaches, fatigue, and blurred vision. On being questioned by relatives about where he had been for all these days, he had no answer to it. Later, when a few days passed, suddenly, one day, Alec told his friends and relatives that he had been in a secret alien base, where he had been briefed about their superior civilisation. Also he revealed that it all occurred on a steep bend in the mountain.

I was driving a car and it felt like a ton of bricks had fallen on me. It’s like someone poured cement on me. I felt as if I had been pushed or hit hard. I was paralyzed, I couldn’t turn the steering wheel, apply the brakes or do anything else.

Alec Newald

He further stated that he was in an unfamiliar environment filled with bright light. Alec thought he was seeing a ghost when he saw a number of strange extraterrestrial creatures in front of him, because he believed that he had died and it was his spirit that was travelling outside of his body. It happened at the same time that Alec found out that he could control his own thought process. In no time, the first group was joined by three more creatures. All the extraterrestrial creatures were very thin and tall, with large heads and narrow eyes. As compared to humans, their heads were wider. Though these creatures were silent, Alec telepathically felt their presence. The aliens took Alec down a hallway, and when he came to the end, he saw weird-shaped buildings.

Compassion And Organic Technology

A machine was then set up for him. The machine took the shape of his body when he was placed inside it. It is reported that aliens use these replicated structures to exist physically on Earth. Moreover, they demonstrated extremely advanced technologies capable of altering people’s consciousness. Alec also claims that he was on another planet when he was abducted by aliens. He asserts in his comments that he witnessed “advanced organic technology.”

Alec, in his statements, also revealed that there were spaceships that were controlled by consciousness and “merged” with it. According to Alec, a “higher realm” exists where people are still not able to reach it. Despite the fact that these extraterrestrial creatures appeared very similar to humans, they were technologically advanced. As they possessed biological technology, their vibration and spirituality were linked to that. As a result, their bodies were less dense, allowing them to move more freely through space.

Alec Newald: A Man Who Claims To Have Spent 10 Days With Aliens

Additionally, Newland wrote about aliens with unusual organic technology that the homes of these aliens were changed to meet their needs and were responsive to external stimuli. They were able to grow anything they desired, such as plants and animals. Mind control piloted their spaceships, and furthermore, these spaceships were part of an organic origin. He could sense from the inside of the spaceship that it was some sort of animal or plant.

Instead of consuming solid food like humans, these aliens drank something similar to monatomic gold, which was a kind of “solution”. The main thing these animals cared about was being kind. Differences between humans were another point of concern for these creatures. Aliens believed that being kind could have a big impact on the whole world. They possessed such powers that they could even influence humans. 

CoEvolution By Alec Newald
CoEvolution By Alec Newald

In 1995, Alec Newald contacted Nexus Magazine and asked them to publish his book, “CoEvolution.” It was there that he revealed that he was abducted by aliens and spent 10 days in the “Shelter,” the home world of aliens, and also how he returned to earth. His story equally created controversy and admiration. He gave enough facts and details in the story that someone could easily make out that it was a real incident and not a made-up story. Later, in 1996, he was even invited to the NEXUS conference by the creators of the Nexus Magazine to publicly tell his story. After that, he was visited and interrogated by many government officials, researchers, and scientists, and they also believed the claims made by him.

I was ostracized by people from whom I expected to support. In fact, after I tried to share that I was abducted by a UFO. And with anything I’ve learned, my life has become more than complicated. It became impossible to live as before.

Alec Newald

As a result, this man’s story became a part of the annals of American folklore. There are still many individuals who have experienced such incidents, but they fear skeptics. Alec has now become the subject of tests and research, but the sad part is that the officials are more interested in the technology of the aliens than Alec. However, the more the former “prisoner,” i.e., Alec, discussed his experience, the more intolerable it became for him to live. His story was viewed ironically and suspiciously by his family and close ones. Some even thought that Alec had gone crazy.

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