The Murder Of Andre Daigle: Psychic Rosemary Predicted Accurate Murder Details From Miles Away While The Police Were Clueless

It is no secret that sometimes psychics offer their help to the police in searching for the missing or in search of criminals. And it’s also not a secret that sometimes their help is useful, although, of course, the police will never officially admit this. Let’s dive into the interesting case of Andre Daigle.

The Murder Of Andre Daigle: Psychic Rosemary Predicted Accureate Murder Details From Miles Away While The Police Were Clueless

Most often, psychics are ridiculed, called interference in the investigation and profiteering from the tragedy, which is certainly true in about 99% of cases. But the remaining 1% makes you wonder.

In 1987, 27-year-old Andre Daigle was living in New Orleans, Louisiana. He worked as a carpenter and at the time was renovating a house with his partner and friend Joe Lapinto. 

He was mostly described as an outgoing, energetic, and good-looking man, very popular with the locals. He had no big problems, no known enemies and his life was quite good.

The Murder Of Andre Daigle

On June 9, André finished work and drove his pickup truck to a Mexican restaurant, Chi-Chi, where he had dinner with his friend Nick Shelley, and then both went to a bar called Mitchell’s Lounge to play pool there. 

Here André met a woman at the counter who identified herself as Thelma. She was allegedly very friendly and flirtatious towards Andre and they talked a lot during the evening. When Andre and Nick were heading home, Thelma asked Andre if he could give her a ride to her pregnant friend’s house, as she promised to come by and check on her. 

Always ready to help people, Andre agreed, and Nick had no idea, as he watched them drive away, that this would be the last time he would see his friend alive.

The next day, Andre did not show up for work, and when evening came, his friends and family became worried. When they contacted the police, they at first assumed that he had just gotten very drunk in the evening and was still suffering from a hangover. However, when Andre did not appear the next day, an investigation was launched.

After learning from Nick Shelley that Andre had left with a woman named Thelma, the police began to gather information about this Thelma and it turned out that no one in the bar had ever seen her before and did not know who she was. Neither the leaflets nor the search for some suspicious places helped. The investigation ground to a halt. 

The Murder Of Andre Daigle: Psychic Rosemary Predicted Accureate Murder Details From Miles Away While The Police Were Clueless

Psychic Rosemary Kerr Predicted Details Of The Murder From Miles Away

Meanwhile, Andre’s sister, Eliza Daigle McGinley, who lived on the other side of the United States, in California, was in despair because of the disappearance of her brother and decided on unconventional methods – the help of a psychic. Eliza went to see local psychic mystic, Rosemary Kerr. She had never before been interested in psychics or the paranormal, but her desperation was so great that she was ready for anything.

As for Kerr, this woman has claimed to be an accomplished clairvoyant, medium, psychometrist, and psychic researcher and that she has had eerily accurate psychic predictions since the age of 4. Kerr immediately agreed to help Eliza find her brother, asking her to bring his photograph and a map of Louisiana to the meeting. 

When Eliza and Kerr met and Eliza handed Kerr the photo of her brother, Kerr took it and placed it on the table without looking, then closed her eyes and stroked the picture with her fingers.

Kerr went on to state that she began to have severe headaches as if someone was hitting her with a hammer over and over again. And then she said that she heard a voice that said “My head is killing me” and saw a vision of a black pickup truck with a characteristic scratch on the side, which was exactly the same as Andre’s car. 

In the pickup truck with him, she saw someone with long blond hair and said that this person has “some kind of power over him.” Then she turned her attention to a map of Louisiana, a place she’d never been, and ran her hand over it. And again she had a severe headache, and visions of a swamp, a long low bridge over water, a sandy beach, and the number seven fell upon her. She did not know what all this meant, but she told Eliza about her vision. 

She continued methodically swiping her finger across the map until she passed over the town of Slidell, 30 miles from New Orleans, at which point Kerr felt as if an electric shock had jumped from the paper into her hand. Then she turned to Elise, pointed her finger at a point on the map, and exclaimed, “If you can find him there, do it quickly!”

The Murder Of Andre Daigle: Psychic Rosemary Predicted Accureate Murder Details From Miles Away While The Police Were Clueless

Eliza told her relatives about this and they immediately went to the indicated place. And when they were in front of the bridge, approaching Slidell, they saw Andre’s car pass them, heading the other way. They turned around and started to follow the car, sure that it was his pickup truck because of that very noticeable scratch on the side.

Inside Andre’s car, they saw two men. What happened next, as narrated by Andre’s brother – Chris: 

“I was driving behind Andre’s pickup truck, which these two guys were driving. I called out to my sister in the other car. ‘You’re braking now and calling your mom. Tell her to call the police: tell them the city, the state, everything. Tell them we’re going east on I-10.” My sister stopped and we continued to follow the truck. 

But then I realized that they guessed that they were being chased. They started trying to confuse us, but I kept following them. Then they turned onto Highway 11, outside of Pearl River. Now we were following them down a dark, deserted highway surrounded only by trees. And I thought about what my sister told the police that we were on a different highway. But I understood that I could not miss them, this is our only link to Andre.

So we drive like this for a while. And then I see that the road comes to a dead end. And the pickup stops at the dead end and turns around and the lights go out – like they’re waiting for us. About fifty yards from the cul-de-sac is a bar. So I stop at the bar. And Nick, who was riding with me, runs to call the police.

Just then, the pickup’s headlights come back on and it begins to slowly approach us, moving very slowly. I tell Virginia to lie down on the floorboards. Both Joey, who has a .38 with him, and I open the car doors and crouch behind them, using them as shields. 

When the pickup pulled up next to us and they saw us crouched like this, I don’t know what they thought, maybe we were cops or something, but they immediately drove quickly, as if they were running away from us. We again rushed after them, and by some miracle on this deserted road, on which we had just passed, maybe five minutes ago, now there was a police car. 

We started shouting to him all at once, but the policeman did not immediately understand what we were trying to say. It wasn’t until Virginia showed him a wanted poster for André that the cop started chasing the pickup truck as well. We followed him and now we were all going at 100 miles an hour.”

When the police finally caught up with the pickup truck and apprehended the two men, they turned out to be Michael Phillips and Charles Gervais, both small-time crooks who had served time for burglary. 

At first, Andre’s relatives thought that the two simply stole Andre’s car, but Elise was haunted by psychic visions – Kerr saw the same bridge in a dream and this pickup truck, as well as the city of Slidell. And it soon turned out that their suspicions were correct – Phillips and Gervais admitted that they not only seized the car but also killed Andre Daigle themselves.

During interrogation, it turned out that they were looking for a suitable victim who would have a lot of money in her wallet and a good car, and they specially sent the girl Thelma to the bar to lure the right person to them. They said that they killed Andre in turn, hammering him over the head with a hammer, and then strangling him with a cord from a vacuum cleaner. 

Andre was chosen largely by chance and just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. His body was later found near a small stretch of sandy beach in the Manchak Swamp, just off the Highway 7 exit – all the details that Kerr had in her visions. 

Andre’s body was stuffed into an old couch lying in a swamp, and the autopsy revealed signs of strangulation and 11 skull fractures caused by hammer blows, which could be attributed to the throbbing pain that Kerr felt during her psychic vision. 

She was so accurate in this prediction that she was even called to court as a witness. Then some newspapers wrote that this was the first case known to them when a psychic testified in a criminal case.

One of the detectives later admitted that while they were skeptical of psychics, Kerr’s visions were incredibly accurate. 

“This is the only time I can think of where we’ve had any success using a psychic. I don’t really believe in psychics, but… of course we look to anyone in any environment that can help us solve a crime.” .

Phillips and Gervais pleaded guilty to murder and were sentenced to life in prison without parole or parole. 

As for Kerr, this case made her a real TV celebrity and she appeared on the TV shows “Psychic Witness” and “Psychic Detective”, as well as on talk shows talking about her experience, and then went on to help in other cases of murder. 

She also claimed that she was in contact with Andre’s spirit and she remained on friendly terms with the entire Daigle family until her death in 2015. 

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