The Ghosts Of RAF Bircham Newton Frightening Ghost Recordings Of Abandoned Bircham Newton Airport

The Ghosts Of RAF Bircham Newton: Frightening Ghost Recordings Of Abandoned Bircham Newton Airport

A number of people have experienced the terrifying hauntings of the Ghosts of RAF Bircham Newton, a disused aerodrome in Norfolk, England.

The Ghosts Of RAF Bircham Newton: Frightening Ghost Recordings Of Abandoned Derelict British Airport

Since World War II, a derelict British airport on the flat, empty wastes of East Anglia has not heard the thunder of aircraft engines. Nonetheless, the aura of those days remains, albeit in ghostly form. Bircham Newton was a Royal Air Force pilot in Norfolk that survived two world wars.

It was constructed in 1914 and has functioned as a basis for students enrolled in building skills courses in recent years. A film crew paid a visit to the former airport to produce a management training video and worked in what had been the officers’ mess. A huge studio lamp fell suddenly and without any cause toward the head of Peter Clark, a member of the film team.

As it approached him, it swerved as though pushed by an unseen hand and collided with a table on its own. This episode would have inspired the brief remark, but in light of the subsequent events, it is more significant.

Two squash courts, erected shortly before World War II, are located behind the former officers’ mess. Another member of the film crew had a terrible experience here. After locating the abandoned courts, he borrowed a racket and ball, as well as the building’s single key. He inquired as to whether any of his colleagues wished to join him.

Because no one was interested, he went off to play alone. The two courts were adjacent. Initially, the film man practiced on the left-hand court before switching to the other court for no apparent reason. He heard footsteps along with the viewing gallery behind him as he tossed the ball.

He initially paid little notice, presuming that a member of the film team had arrived to observe him perform. Then he realized he’d locked himself inside the structure and was utterly alone

He stayed silent for a brief moment. Then he heard a sigh that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up – and turned to see a man dressed in RAF uniform staring at him from the gallery. The figure vanished abruptly.

He was scared by the incident and promptly exited the building. Later that night, he confided in Peter Clark, who recommended they return to the squash court and attempt to record the footfall using the crew’s tape recorder.

“It was a calm warm summer night when we returned to the squash courts. We visited the left court which felt completely normal, but when we went into the court on the right, the atmosphere was so cold, so frightening that it was like stepping into another world.”

Peter Clark

The Tape Recording Of The Ghost Of RAF Bircham Newton At Abandoned Bircham Newton Airport

The two guys turned on the tape recorder and waited, but fear eventually won out and they decided to lock the machine in the court and return after the tape ran out. They were astounded by what they discovered when they repeated the tape.

They heard aircraft, voices, and clanking machinery – sounds that were uncannily similar to those heard in a busy aircraft hanger during wartime. What made matters worse was a peculiar, eerie wailing.

The BBC engineer who reviewed the tape stated that he and his colleagues were baffled. There was no mechanical malfunction with the equipment; few outside noises could have pierced the nine-inch brick wall, and the tape was brand new, preventing the transmission of old records.

The tape’s mystery captivated Peter Clark. He convinced his colleagues to accompany him back to the airstrip with a medium and conduct a seance. Upon entering the courts, the medium fell into a trance and began speaking in the voice of a deceased airman.

“It was extraordinary. The medium’s face became twisted and he seemed to have difficulty in breathing. He said his name was Wiley.”

Peter Clark

Original Frightening Recordings Made At Abandoned Abandoned Bircham Newton Airport

Clark uncovered in local documents that an airman named Wiley had really committed suicide at the airport during WWII. Additionally, investigations indicated the airport had been haunted for years.

A student enrolled in one of the building courses had his bedclothes ripped from him in the middle of the night by an unseen creature. Another’s drapes were pulled down and strewn about the room.

Additionally, a senior engineer stated he was patted on the shoulder three times while working alone in the officers’ mess’s attic. He was so spooked by the event that he refused to work there again. According to one witness, he witnessed a guy dressed in RAF uniform stroll through a substantial wall constructed after the war.

He was so terrified that he refused to finish his course and departed the next day. The BBC broadcasted some of the psychic recordings, and many people wrote in afterward to complain about their dogs being disturbed by the noises. A BBC television team decided to investigate, and they arrived at the airfield accompanied by two prominent spiritualists.

Unaware of the recordings’ or hauntings’ details, the spiritualists initially entered the left squash court and declared everything normal. They excitedly declared as soon as they reached the right-hand court that it contained “a presence,” the ghost of a deceased airman.

One of the spiritualists, John Sutton, the famous communicator, began to meditate. He was quickly taken in by the dead airman and began speaking in the voice of a man named Dusty Miller, who had been assassinated alongside his colleagues Pat Sullivan and Gerry Arnold. Sutton actually established a connection with the ghosts of RAF Bircham.

When Sutton regained consciousness, he was able to explain that the three pilots were avid squash players. They struck a deal that if something happened to them, they would attempt to reunite in the building. They had all perished in the crash of their plane behind a church with a tower but no steeple. He had never been to the area previously and was therefore unable to pinpoint the specific spot.

“People who die suddenly do not always realize they are dead, and so do not understand when they cannot communicate with the living.”


He stated that the three airmen were held earthbound at Bircham Newton because they were unaware that they had been killed in the disaster. He explained the instances as ghosts attempting to contact humans in severe need of assistance.

After making touch with the deceased airmen, the spiritualists were able to exorcise them.
Investigators discovered that a plane did actually crash behind Bircham Church during the war, killing the three-man crew.

The church is crowned with a tower but lacks a steeple. This is one spooky tale of the ghosts of RAF Bircham. Comment down your views concerned with the spirits of the dead.

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  1. The first raid by the 8th airforce in Britain was flown from bury st Edmund’s so the information is incorrect which makes me believe the whole thing is false

  2. I’ve been lucky in my life to work on old airfield especially in mainly sergeant mess. I’ve never heard or witnessed anything. Been to many 8 th air force bases what’s left anyway again nothing. Going back to these noises if the tape was in the mess why would it pick hanger noises up?

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