The Badajoz UFO Incident: Mysterious Encounter With A Strange Green Alien Humanoid

The Badajoz UFO incident is one of the weirdest UFO incidents in Spanish history, as it is connected to the air force of the country. The episode became known as the “Green Man of Talavera la Real” after two Spanish soldiers, José Mara Trejo and Juan Carrizosa Luján, reported to have seen and shot an unidentified creature.

On November 12, 1976, at approximately 1:45 p.m. local time, José Maria Trejo and Juan Carrizosa were on duty (each in their own booth approximately 60 meters apart) in the Talavera la Real airbase’s so-called fuel zone (Badajoz, Spain). They were suddenly startled by a strange noise. At first glance, it appeared to be radio interference but it quickly transformed into a high-pitched whistle that irritated the ears.

The soldiers assumed the sound was caused by someone who had entered the military zone, but it abruptly ceased after five minutes. Trejo inquired his partner Carrizosa whether they had heard the noise, which he confirmed. They armed themselves with Z-62 submachine rifles and conducted a visual inspection of the area.

The Badajoz UFO Incident: Mysterious Encounter With A Strange Green Alien Humanoid

They heard the noise once more, and it felt as if their skulls were about to burst. They witnessed a vertical light in the sky five minutes later, similar to a flash, that lasted around 15 or 20 seconds. Another guard appeared, this time accompanied by a guard dog.

José Hidalgo and another companion approached the crates, escorted by dogs. They decided to tell Guard Corporal Pavon, fearful that someone had entered the military base with the goal of sabotage. He directed them to conduct a thorough search of the region.

They followed the wall that separated the main road from the base. They stayed cool as well, seeing that the dog, which had been specifically trained for these situations, exhibited no signs of nervousness. However, after about 300 metres of walking, they felt a vortex and heard the branches of a nearby eucalyptus tree snap.

The military became aware and, clutching their machine guns, released the dog, which immediately went to the location where they heard the branch noise. They waited for the dog to make a noise or bark, but it returned lethargically and wobbling after a few seconds. The dog appeared ill. After a while, the dog began running circles around the troops (dogs are taught this to protect their handlers).

They came to a halt several times, but no one responded until José Mara Trejo had a distinct impression that he was being followed. Trejo noticed a human-shaped green light to his left at a distance of 15 meters.

The Badajoz UFO Incident: Mysterious Encounter With A Strange Green Alien Humanoid

The creature stood approximately three metres tall. It appeared to be composed of numerous little light points, with the brightness intensifying around its edges. The head was small and concealed by what appeared to be a helmet. Arms were quite lengthy and crossed. There were no visible hands or feet.

Trejo attempted to shoot but was unable to do so, and he fell to the ground due to overall stiffness. Hidalgo and Carrizosa immediately began shooting. At this thing, which flashed and vanished, between 40 and 50 rounds of ammo were shot.

The unearthly sound they had previously heard reappeared. This time, the sound lasted 10 or 15 seconds. Colleagues assisted Trejo and the entire base was placed on high alert.

Soldiers José Manuel Trejo and Juan Carrizosa with the same wolf dog that discovered the “violator” on the night of November 12
Soldiers José Manuel Trejo and Juan Carrizosa with the same wolf dog that discovered the “violator” on the night of November 12

The following day, 50 persons investigated the area where the incident occurred but discovered nothing. There was not a single cartridge case, not a single bullet that struck the outer wall, nothing.

Trejo went blind and unconscious a few days later when he visited the base’s dining room. He began to experience health concerns. On 30 November, he was hospitalised to the Air Force Hospital in Madrid with a diagnosis of “nervous imbalance.” These “nervous imbalances” did not repeat in the future.

Air Force analysts confirmed that the cartridges had been depleted, but what became of the discharged bullets?

According to the main characters of the story: “We don’t know what it is. But what we do not doubt is that we saw it perfectly, and it “looked like a man, but very tall…”

Even now, no one knows what the soldiers battled with. However, the majority of those involved with the case agree that it was an incident that involved the presence of an extraterrestrial

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