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4 Real Alien Research Projects By The US Government

Some individuals have a genuine desire to know about extraterrestrial life forms. Authentic government programs are used to support the belief that aliens really exist. With the launch of the Juno spacecraft in Jupiter’s orbit, NASA and its federal government sponsors have shown keen interest in exploring the furthest reaches of the galaxy.

The U.S. government has been studying UFOs since the 1950s, but they denied this fact due to the threat of Red, not Martian, dangers.

Several declassified documents reveal that the U.S. government did make contact with extraterrestrial life. These texts suggest that alien contact might lead to a crucial galactic alliance or wipe out the entire planet, unlike warm E.T.-Esque encounters.

Here are four alien research projects and one intriguing possible hoax that links the U.S. government to aliens. If these files are true, then it could probably answer the age-old question: Are aliens real?

The Roswell Crash

As per the claims made by the U.S. government, they accidentally crashed a weather balloon into the New Mexico desert in 1947, which led to a wave of panic in a country that was on edge over the possibility of Soviet military intervention. The U.S. administration assured the people that it was only a weather balloon that fell to the ground.

People who were not convinced earlier, nearly 30 years later, started to generate ideas claiming that the Roswell incident wasn’t the result of a fallen weather balloon but rather a real encounter with extraterrestrial life. The residents of the place where the crash happened claimed that they had never seen the type of debris that was found at the crash site.

The Roswell Crash Site 4 Real Alien Research Projects By The US Government
The Roswell Crash Site

According to the official documents released by the FBI, the crashed weather balloon was disc-shaped and measured 20 feet in length. Post-crash, the object was taken to Dayton, Ohio’s Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for analysis. Since Wright-Patterson was set up, it remains the largest and most complicated military site in the United States, also one of the finest bases at preserving secrets.

Since the FBI maintained the account that it was a weather balloon crash, no further investigation was carried out into this matter. J. Edgar Hoover, who was an FBI director, still wanted to keep up with future investigations and projects, and he was kept informed via the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP).

When the question was put in front of Hoover, whether the FBI officially investigated UFO sightings, he stated that the FBI did not investigate but rather transferred information related to UFO sightings to the Air Force.

Following the denial that an extraterrestrial object crashed at Roswell, the U.S. government said that it had started several projects to look into unexplained events.

Project Sign

The air force launched Project Sign from January 1948 to April 1949 in order to investigate enigmatic flying objects.

The project was launched to analyze reports of sightings from both government and non-government sources. The headquarters of Project Sign was located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The first sightings were made by air force pilots when they observed unidentified aircraft chasing their planes. The unidentified aircraft were initially termed “foo fighters.” One of the agitated Air Force pilots stated, “It [the UFO] was another one of those fucking foo fighters!”

Since there were not many reports, investigators were able to explain all the reports. Initially, the project only accepted tips provided directly to the base. The project Sign had only accumulated a few dozen “official” reports, while newspapers of the era got 1,500 reports throughout the span of two weeks.

The Pentagon received a report near the seven-month project’s end suggesting that many of the sightings were of questionable genesis and might indicate the presence of danger.

In spite of all this, cautious verbiage was used by Air Force high officials in these projects. It included information about each sighting, like where and when it happened, as well as a description of the craft and the person who saw it.

This was done in order to avoid being labeled as “cranks” if they used terminology like “extraterrestrial” or if they stated that they didn’t know what these objects were. In the 1960s, declassified reports plainly stated that the craft’s source could not be established.

The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) is the most controversial and debatable topic about alien life that has been proposed by Project Sign. According to ETH, if the origin of any aircraft is not identified by the air force, then there could be a possibility that it was an alien craft.

Project Grudge: Are UFOs Real

Project Sign was followed on by Project Grudge in reaction to some officials of the Sign Project arguing that apparent UFO invasion was best explained by an extraterrestrial presence.

Demonstration of a ufo or alien spaceship hovering in the sky
Demonstration of a ufo or alien spaceship hovering in the sky

Some of the Grudge investigators started to think that government-based UFO investigations were just a way to disprove people’s claims. It seemed to these people that the projects and their leaders were operating from a presumption that aliens did not exist at all.

People who worked on Project Sign may have thought that the name of this new project was a nod to them, even though they didn’t like the idea of UFOs being a part of the extraterrestrial conspiracy story.

Project Grudge also had to deal with the growing fear of the general public, who had more often than not been the ones reporting the UFOs in the first place. Not just pilots, but also ordinary people began reporting UFO encounters in the midst of the Cold War’s worries and paranoia.

The Grudge team started a public relations campaign to allay the public’s fears. The PR began in The Saturday Evening Post and quickly backfired. Grudge employees reasoned that if they discussed these “flying saucers” openly, then public curiosity would decrease.

Project Blue Book

A more broad-minded project was launched by Air Force Captain Edward J. Ruppelt (a former member of Project Grudge) after Project Grudge faced criticism. The new project was termed “Project Blue Book.”

The project had two following goals: To Determine if UFOs constituted a threat to national security and another goal was to scientifically examine any evidence the air force collected. In 1952, Ruppelt joined Air Force soldiers and got underway.

Reports of around 13000 UFO sightings were received by the project between 1952 and 1969, but half of the reports were not technically explained. If Project Blue Book officials had not removed “likely” or “possible” sightings from the list in an attempt to get more accurate UFO sightings, then this figure may have been far higher, according to some critics.

UFO sightings from the declassified files of Project Blue Book 4 Real Alien Research Projects By The US Government
UFO sightings from the declassified files of Project Blue Book

However, in 1969, after NASA successfully landed on the moon, Project Blue Book was shut down by the Air Force and the National Academy of Sciences. The reason for the shut down of the project was that the project research was deemed unworthy of funding and support.

Later, the government made the records available to the general public, but after a few years, the authorities reclassified them so that amateur UFologists could not harass the witnesses of the sightings in the name of continuing investigations.

At the end of the project 12,618 UFO reports, were reported out of which the majority of the sightings were natural phenomena misinterpreted as extraterrestrial objects. The rest of the unexplained events remained as one of the most high-profile hoaxes of all time.

The Blue Planet Project

The one autopsy video that surfaced in the 1990s claimed to be an alien autopsy video shot right after the Roswell tragedy. This footage is the most well-known hoax of all time.

In March 1991, during the International UFO Conference in Arizona, a handwritten document was surfaced that revealed an agreement between the United States government and extraterrestrials. Also, the documents included details of previous alien visits. The origins, writers, or messengers of the documents remain a mystery.

Alien Autopsy Footage
Alien Autopsy Footage

Even though the document seems to be fake, the time it took to create its constituent parts makes it intriguing to study. These documents hint about the relations between the US government and the aliens and also give us sketches of what these alien races appear to be.

The documents also include details on what happens during an alien abduction and how information from alien experiments is sent back to the United States. According to the document, the U.S. has approved the use of humans and animals for this kind of research.

The task of reporting and acting according to the situation when the aliens communicate is assigned to MJ-12. According to documents, people in MJ-12 have to directly report to the President while surpassing all government bodies during any alien invasion.

According to the Blue Planet Project, MJ-12 is determined to keep the treaty confidential, even if it means death. President John F. Kennedy was also assassinated by MJ-12 because he planned to publicly disclose the details of the treaty between the US government and aliens.

Description Of An Alien

“Approximately 3.5 to 4.5 ft tall with a head large in comparison to the body by human standards. A vague nose, large eyes, small fissure for mouth or no mouth a tall. No ear lobes. Appear to be basically hairless. They have no teeth. No GI system. Arms are long and thin, reaching down to the knees. Fingers and no thumbs. No reproductive organs. No blood as we know it, more grey in color. Under microscope, the skin appears to mesh-like in quality. Life span is unknown.”

According To Alien Autopsy Reeport
Depiction Of An Alien
Depiction Of An Alien

Reason Behind Alien Abductions

Humans are abducted by aliens for research and study purposes. Aliens lack emotions and their emotional aspects are indifferent to humans. This is stated in alien psychology as recorded in Blue Planet.

According to a theory, psychopathic aliens may not be able to raise their own children, so they kidnap human women to learn how to do it. 

Whether or not any of this is real, our fascination with the wonders of the world beyond us is best explained by the Roswell incidents, Project Sign, Project Grudge, and Project Blue Book. We have speculated about the unlimited possibilities of the universe, whether it’s looking for what lies at the bottom of the ocean or searching beyond the planet earth.

Our ancestors only had Kodak cameras to investigate aliens but today’s technology may be able to provide evidence that aliens are actually looking at us. As Fox Mulder would say, I want to believe.

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