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The Strange Men In Black Encounter In UK After A Family Reported A UFO Sighting

A British man recounted how two “government officials” or we can say the mysterious “Men in black visited him after he saw a UFO, despite the fact that the country’s Ministry of Defense has officially assured that it “never responds” to these types of reports.

Strange Men In Black Encounter

Does this mean that government officials—or perhaps someone or something else—are secretly collecting data on possible alien encounters? At least that’s what a report in the Sunday edition of the Daily Star suggests.

The Encounter With The Men In Black

The revelation comes after a reader recounted how he was visited by two government officials after reporting a possible UFO sighting to the police. Cutting short, the education worker, who lives with his wife and three children in Leeds, described himself as “very sane”, not wanting his identity to come out for fear of the potential impact his claims would have on his family. who had been visited by “Men in Black“.

“I saw a dark orange ball in the sky. At first, I thought it was a helicopter or a plane in trouble. But instead of falling to the ground, the sphere stayed floating », she recounted. “I was a bit surprised and confused. The idea that it was a UFO or whatever did not cross my mind. I got home and thought there might be a website to report unusual plane sightings, but I couldn’t find one so I ended up contacting the police.”

The man said that about 10 days later, two mysterious men came to his house.

“There were two men in suits with briefcases who showed some form of identification and said they were government officials. They asked me to talk about what they called “the event” where I saw a shiny object. They wanted to know the location, the time, and how high in the sky I spotted it. I asked where they were from, but they smiled and left,” he continued.

When he told his nine-year-old son about it, the boy asked, “Was it the Men in Black?”

“I laughed, but then I thought: Who were they? I did some research and saw that the Ministry of Defense was used to collect figures, but that they stopped this type of activity in 2009. I am completely lost as to who they were », he concluded.

Nick Pope, who investigated UFOs for the government, said: “Whoever these individuals were, this will only fuel rumors that the Ministry Of Defence is still secretly investigating UFOs, despite official denials.”

Other riskier researchers assure that studying the casuistry where the so-called Men in Black have been reported, it can also be deduced that they could be entities that are not necessarily human or belong to any Ministry, but rather some type of androids sent by the crew of the UFOs to investigate human reactions to their presence.

Source: The Daily Star

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