NASA billionaire and collaborator Robert Bigelow says there are aliens on Earth

The known universe has two billion galaxies. Scientists believe the cosmos is about 13.78 billion years old. Considering everything we know about the laws of nature, life forms and the immensity of outer space, it would be surprising to think that humans are the only technologically advanced species in the universe.(Robert Bigelow says there are aliens on Earth)

But the idea that there are extraterrestrial civilizations somewhere in space is not new. Astronomer Steven S. Vogt said, “If our corner of the universe is supposed to be typical, the numbers indicate that there are more potentially inhabitable rocky planets in the universe than grains of sand on every beach on Earth. With such statistics, it would be very difficult to argue that life does not exist elsewhere. “

So it is reasonable to assume, that it is only a matter of time before our species encounters extraterrestrials from another galaxy. However, some people think that this encounter has already happened on our planet. What’s more, extraterrestrial races would be among us. Or at least this is what thinks the magnate Robert Bigelow, known for his designs of inflatable modules for NASA. The billionaire said in an interview that aliens exist and are among us.(Robert Bigelow says there are aliens on Earth)

They are among us

The aerospace entrepreneur who has worked for NASA has said he is “absolutely convinced” that there are extraterrestrial visitors living on Earth . Robert Bigelow, whose Bigelow Aerospace company has built inflatable modules for the International Space Station, was talking during an interview about his work for NASA when he once commented on the alien theme and how he has been investing millions of pains in UFO research. When asked if he believed in aliens, Bigelow replied:(Robert Bigelow says there are aliens on Earth)

“I’m absolutely convinced. That’s all about it. There has been and there is an existing presence, an extraterrestrial presence. And I spent millions and millions and millions, probably spent more than anyone else in the United States has spent on this issue, “ he said.

Robert Bigelow says there are aliens on Earth


Bigelow did not specify exactly how much he spent on this research, and declined to comment on any personal encounter with UFOs . Journalist Lara Logan, who ran the interview, told Bigelow if she felt she was risking her career by publicly saying she believed in aliens. Lara asked if she was concerned that people might think she was “crazy . Bigelow replied:

“I do not give a damn. I do not care. It will not change the reality of what I know, “ replied the billionaire.

But here I do not finish everything. When the reporter asked her if she thought that future manned missions to space would lead to encounters with extraterrestrials , Bigelow’s response was surprising:

“You do not have to go anywhere. They’re under the nose of people , “Bigelow said.

The aerospace entrepreneur’s statement has unleashed all kinds of reactions among public opinion, especially since his company has been working closely with NASA, which denies any evidence of extraterrestrial life, let alone intelligent.

Robert Bigelow says there are aliens on Earth


According to the Spanish news agency Europa Press, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) provided a company that Bigelow has reports on UFOs and other unexplained phenomena. He said he had had his own meetings, but refused to go into details. Bigelow’s statements have not left anyone indifferent and have provoked a stir in the media.

More and more public figures are revealing their belief in the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial beings. And to Bigelow’s statements we have to add those of film director Ridley Scott , who said last month that aliens exist and are much smarter than we are.

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