Alien Creature Over California

“Alien with Tentacles” Filmed in the Skies Over California

A bizarre creature that looks like a huge dark squid or octopus was captured on video (watch below) in the skies over Fresno, California. 

At the same time, the creature does not just soar at a height, but actively moves in different directions, constantly extending or contracting its “tentacles”.

The spectacle is so surreal and the strange object is so different from a flying away balloon or drone that skeptics believe that either this video was created using neural networks or video editing.

Media reported that the video was accidentally filmed by residents as they walked in the area of ​​Shaw Avenue and Marks Avenue.

Commentators have compared the creature to the aliens from War of the Worlds and Arrival, and one wrote that he sees a similar phenomenon in this place every year:

“I see it every year. And it’s always near the Shaw Avenue and Brawley area.”

Another was sure that it was 100% not a balloon:

“It’s too high in the air and it’s changing shape. If it were a kite, it would have to be quite big, and it would take an airplane to fly it that high. And I don’t understand how it can change direction without any -or visible efforts.”

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