AI will end humanity in 5 years

Humanity could be destroyed by AI in just 5 years, warns expert

The dizzying pace at which this new technology is advancing has caused some experts in the field to begin to worry, with predictions coming true sooner rather than later about a bleak and dystopian future for our species.

Eliezer Yudkowsky is an American artificial intelligence researcher and writer specializing in decision theory and ethics. He is best known for popularizing ideas related to friendly artificial intelligence (AI), including the notion that there might not be an “alarm” to tell us when it will stop being friendly.

His work on the possibility of an explosion of uncontrolled AI influenced the book Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies by philosopher Nick Bostrom, published in 2014.

Now, in an interview with the British media The Guardian , Yudkowsky has predicted that this lack of control could occur sooner than many believe.

“The difficulty is that people don’t realize that we only have a small chance of humanity surviving,” said the techno-pessimist. “If you rush me and force me to assign probabilities to things, I get the feeling that our current remaining time frame is more like five years than fifty. “It could be two years, it could be ten.”

And by “remaining term,” Yudkowsky means the time we have left until we face the end of all things caused by machines, in a scenario that could range from a Terminator -style one  (war caused or driven by AI) to a Matrix (civilization dependent on an AI that behaves like a God).

“Don’t imagine a human-made brain in a box,” the expert continued. “To understand where things are headed, try to imagine an alien civilization that thinks a thousand times faster than we do, in many boxes, almost too many for us to feasibly disassemble even if we choose to do so.”

Trying to shake humanity out of its complacency on the matter, Yudkowsky published an op-ed in Time last spring where he went so far as to suggest, as humanity’s last survival alternative, bombing the computer farms where AIs are developed and trained. .

Source: The Guardian

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