Aliens In Brazil's Roswell UFO Incident Were Ammonia-Based Lifeforms

Aliens In “Brazil’s Roswell” UFO Incident Were Ammonia-Based Lifeforms

Cases of extraterrestrial encounters are reported all around the world. However, whenever this topic is brought up, the first and foremost incident that comes to everyone’s mind is the 1947 Roswell UFO crash. Reports regarding the Roswell UFO crash, which included a crashed flying saucer containing extraterrestrial beings or corpses recovered, continue to spark theories and controversies today. However, no official confirmation has been made on this topic, whether it was a crashed hot air balloon, any experimental military craft, or a real UFO.

"Brazil's Roswell" UFO Incident
Illustration of “Brazil’s Roswell” UFO Incident

Although the Roswell Incident in New Mexico remains unsolved 75 years later, a strange encounter dubbed “Brazil’s Roswell” is once again making headlines only 26 years after it first made headlines in the United States. People’s interest in this UFO incident is getting higher after the release of director James Fox’s documentary “Moment of Contact,” which premiered in October.

Ammonia-Based Lifeforms With Silicone Skin

Fox himself claims that more photos and videos of the alleged extraterrestrials, which witnesses claim were recovered in January 1996 in Varginha, Brazil, either alive or dead, may be released in the near future. A Reddit user was inspired to propose an insightful idea on the documentary’s subject matter, positing that the extraterrestrials in question were ammonia-based life forms with silicone skin. Don’t roll your eyes just yet; James Fox (@jamescfox) retweeted the original post titled “Ammonia and Silicone.”

“After watching the new documentary on the Varginha UFO case (Moment of Contact) there were a particular set of consistently reported characteristics about the crash-site and creatures that I found extremely curious and caused me to do some deeper digging.”

The post that James Fox shared on Twitter originally appeared on the r/UFOs subreddit and was written by the user u/asimpleabstraction, who details the evidence from “Moment of Contact” that gave rise to the “ammonia-based lifeforms” hypothesis. In the post, there were three points that gave rise to ammonia-based lifeforms hypothesis. First and foremost, how did they appear? Witnesses reported that aliens had “bulbous red eyes,” “dark, almost black skin,” and “some kind of extremely oily skin.”

The second point was regarding their emotions. The extraterrestrials were extremely sacred, and one of the firemen at the site reported that one of the aliens was crying like a baby. A policeman who was stationed at the site of the crash was easily able to control the crying alien. But the most interesting things that the Reddit poster learned were that the crash site had “a strong ammonia-like odor” and that the two live creatures said to have been seen in town “left a strong ammonia-like scent that didn’t go away with cleaning and lingered for many days.”

Even though it is possible from a scientific point of view, silicon-based life forms have not yet been found. Nonetheless, James Fox retweeted the post because the title was intriguing. As an alternative to carbon-based life, it would require an alternative to water, and the most frequently proposed liquid is ammonia, which is a polar molecule like water. The odor of ammonia is very familiar due to its numerous applications, including cleaning, solvent, and fertilizer. Amines, which are derived from the ammonia molecule, all have that same fishy, awful ammonia smell, as u/asimpleabstraction points out.

They are highly poisonous and can be absorbed through the skin, the digestive tract, and the lungs. When they make their way into a person’s bloodstream, they trigger a cascade of symptoms that worsen in bright light, including swollen joints, itchy skin, and chest pain. We need to know why this information is so crucial. Coming back to the officer who subdued the alien, he later died due to an unspecified infection.

“If the officer was transdermally introduced to a high dose of toxic ammonia derivative, it could stand to infer that observably his symptoms would include skin rashes as well as a host of internal problems as a reflection of toxification.”


According to the witnesses, the police officer who died was one of the few or only men who came into direct contact with the oily black skin of the extraterrestrial. Could the black skin of the E.T. be due to its exposure to the carbon-based world? Let’s dig deep into this. Is it possible that their skin was melting and disintegrating into a form that was poisonous to humans?

Witnesses reported that the crash site had an ammonia-like odor and chemical fire, so again, it raises the question of whether the police officer was a victim of chemical burns. Also, the vegetation that looked burned could be due to chemicals rather than fire. Witnesses stated that the legs of the alien were similar to burnt human body legs, so this determines that the condition of the aliens was due to exposure to poisonous air.

“As I continued my own education around ammonia-like chemicals, I discovered Aniline. Aniline is the simplest aromatic amine.”

By studying ammonia, u/asimpleabstraction discovered aniline, which has safe and useful industrial applications, as described in the post. When inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed via the skin, aniline is very poisonous. The consistency is like that of an oily liquid at room temperature. Also, aniline vapor is extremely flammable. Putting it all together, u/asimpleabstraction theorizes that the extraterrestrial passengers on the doomed spaceship were ammonia-based entities that breathed an ammonia-based atmosphere. So by connecting all the dots, it can be concluded that the discharge of this ammonia into Earth’s atmosphere triggered an instant chemical fire.

Witnesses claim they saw extraterrestrials fleeing the scene of the collision near Varginha before government agents and the military occupied the area and purportedly evacuated the individuals and their belongings. Also, the eyes of the alive aliens were red and bulging, which indicated that they were alive but were suffocating in Earth’s air. The aniline in their skin oxidized in the Earth’s atmosphere, breaking down into an oily substance and emitting an unpleasant ammonia odor; this process was hastened by exposure to sunlight.

“If this is true, it means that these creatures were likely suffering for days on end, suffocating in fear, and likely knew their demise was ensured.”

The unfortunate cop who was exposed to the toxins most likely died of myocarditis, hemolytic anemia, or a secondary infection, just as u/a simple abstraction predicted for the aliens. Although this is the only publicly known fatality connected to the Varginha UFO encounter, other deaths may have been covered up. If what James Fox, a documentary filmmaker, claims about further images being revealed, comes to pass, will more information about the health of those who have been exposed to the aliens also be made public?

Ammonia-Based Lifeforms
Ammonia-Based Lifeforms

Finally, we must thank u/asimpleabstraction for laying out this ammonia-based lifeforms theory with all of the logical facts. This has made all the ufologists and researchers consider the fact that ammonia-based lifeforms exist in our universe, and they are trying to uncover more details relating to them. So it is evident that many details regarding the UFO crash have been covered up by the government, and it could be possible that we will see more photos and details regarding these ammonia-based lifeforms in the near future.

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Source: Reddit Post

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