Matilda McElroy- The Nurse Who Communicated With The Only Survivor Of Roswell UFO Crash

This strange story was published back in 2008 but is still little known even among ufologists. 
It was narrated by a well-educated and qualified woman called Matilda McElroy who allegedly personally saw the bodies of aliens in Roswell, and even communicated with one of them telepathically.

In December 2020, History Channel released a 3-episode documentary based on the diaries of military officer Jesse Marcel Sr. , who was the very man who led the investigation of the strange incident in Roswell in July 1947.
In his notes, Marcel pointed out, in particular, that the fragments found in New Mexico “were clearly not made by human hands”.

After the release of this film, the Roswell incident grabbed attention once again, and soon some researchers “unearthed” an even earlier hidden story from Roswell about a nurse who telepathically communicated with the only alien survivor of a UFO crash.

Matilda O’Donnell McElroy was the the senior sergeant in the Women’s Army Corps’ Medical Division. 
In 2007, 83-year-old Matilda contacted ufologist Laurence Spencer and told him a story that she did not want to take with her to the grave.

Many people were killed to exclude the possibility of disclosing the knowledge that I helped hide from society until now.
Only a small handful of people on Earth have seen and heard what I should have kept secret for sixty years. 

“All these years, I thought that the “powers that be” in our government gave me great confidence, although I often suspected that the authorities were very mistaken, believing that their goal was to protect Humanity from the knowledge that intelligent extraterrestrial life forms not only exist but continued and continue to aggressively control and invade the life of every person on Earth every day “

The woman assured that she shared her story only because she wants to die through euthanasia and she has nothing to lose. 
According to Matilda, in July 1947, she was the driver of a car that drove a certain military officer Cavitt to the crash site of an unidentified object, and she was specially sent there as a trained and experienced military nurse. 

When Matilda and the officer arrived in the New Mexico desert at the crash site, the woman saw the wreckage of a strange ship and the bodies of two aliens there. 
One was dead and the other was alive and conscious. 
When Matilda tried to speak to a living alien, she suddenly began to receive “mental images” from the extraterrestrial creature, which she interpreted as an attempt at telepathic communication.

When Matilda told Officer Cavitt about this, he decided to continue this experience and assigned Matilda to the alien so that she would watch her and communicate with her, making a full account of everything that she would say or show to Matilda.
Because of this, the woman was even promoted and her salary was increased.

In the process of further “communication” Matilda learned that the surviving alien was female and that her name was Airl (Airl). 

“Our communication did not consist of colloquial speech in the conventional sense. Indeed, the alien’s body did not even have a mouth through which to speak. Our communication was through telepathy. At first, I could not clearly understand Airl. I could perceive images, emotions, and impressions, but it was difficult for me to express them verbally. 

Matilda McElroy

Once Airl learned English, she was able to focus her thoughts more accurately using symbols and meanings of words that I could understand. Learning English was a great favor for me. It was more for me than for her. “

Matilda McElroy

The alien told Matilda that their mission to Earth was of an expeditionary nature and that she was a military officer, pilot, and engineer. 
She said that their base is called the Expeditionary Force and is located in the Asteroid Belt. 

Matilda described Airl’s appearance as a humanoid creature whose body was the size of a child. 
However, it was not a real creature, but rather a biorobot-avatar, whose tissues were made of synthetic material and whose body could be possessed by a higher-order being – a real alien. 

Matilda noted that Airl did not give her any information regarding her language or the location of her home planet. 
She was unsure of the intentions of the military and this made her refuse to disclose any classified information to people.

The nurse called this a serious sign, because if the aliens are not safe on Earth, then it could be a big problem for humans. 
Airl called her civilization very powerful, extremely ancient, and, above all, their only goal was to progress.

When Matilda asked Airl how long she has been visiting Earth, she replied, “LONG BEFORE HUMAN APPEARANCE.”
Then Matilda learned the following:

“The Earth is a small planet on the edge of a galaxy star. This makes the Earth very isolated geographically from the more concentrated planetary civilizations that exist closer to the center of the galaxy. These obvious facts made the Earth suitable only for use as a zoological or botanical garden or for current use. as a prison – but nothing more.

About 30,000 years ago, the Earth began to be used as a dump and prison for those alien beings who were considered criminals or non-conformists. These creatures were captured, electronically trapped, and transported to Earth from various parts of the “Old Empire”. The underground stations where these creatures were kept (or still are) were created on Mars and on Earth in the Rwenzori Mountains in Africa, in the Pyrenees Mountains (between Spain and France), and in the steppes of Mongolia. “

Matilda talked a lot with Airl, but then at some point, the alien “died”, that is, the alien left her avatar body. 

Matilda’s story was published in Spencer’s 2008 book, Interview with Aliens. 
However, the book for some reason did not become some kind of special revelation and the story of Matilda was never particularly checked for reliability. 

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  1. Sounds very credible to me. No aluen would survive here because of bacteria. So an avatar seems logical. Hence the reason there is no mouth for food, like robots we have today. Earth a prison I am not sure as when the Annunaki came they needed workers. If there were prisoners they would be able to work, but there was not a good worker so they created man to work and mine the gold.

    1. I agree with almost all you have posted but not quite sure avatars would have to be used. I believe if a civilization is that advanced then their medical breakthroughs could and probably do account for foreign bacteria and viruses on other worlds. Now I am not saying they weren’t using avatars just opening the case for how far their medical advances could be.

  2. I have seen the Annunaki in their spherical star-like ship, I only heard a voice instructing me to summon someone and I did.
    Another time I saw aliens invading the earth. They had a planet-like ship, and it was so gigantic it could only dock next to the earth. It covered almost a third of the sky, and the aliens descended on earth attacking and killing people.
    Two times I have seen the end of the world. Same details, same events. It got dark, so dark, but was vague enough for me to see what happened. There were insect-like critters eating away at all living things, there was nowhere to escape to. It was horrible, coupled with wolfish creatures hunting.

    These dreams I had between the ages of 8 and 13. I know someone may say these are effects of scifi movies, but I bet you we had no television set, neither had I ever watched a single film or tv programme.

    1. I have had almost similar dreams, repeated several times. The sky suddenly become dark and white crafts appear, then started shooting at houses. I remember feeling very afraid in the dreams.

    1. The bible states God created man in his image. No where does the bible say we were his only creations. He created the Heavens and the Earth.

  3. I agree with almost all you have posted but not quite sure avatars would have to be used. I believe if a civilization is that advanced then their medical breakthroughs could and probably do account for foreign bacteria and viruses on other worlds. Now I am not saying they weren’t using avatars just opening the case for how far their medical advances could be.

  4. In 2012 I was “contacted” by beings that exist outside of what we know as common contemplation, and told about an amnesia that had specifically been engineered to cut mankind off from a higher state of awareness that I was allowed to connect to. I was visited by these beings another 5 or so times spanning 7 years and shown this amnesia in great detail, and told very similar information to what Airl explained. Very recently, after posting my experiences on a UFO group, I was given a link to the story of Airl and McElroy, and I was dumfounded that 90% of what she said had been relayed to me by these “otherworldly beings” 8 years prior. McElroy’s account is legitimate

  5. did you talk to lady in villa borinken that saw an small ship landed there near water tower her husband talked to me she fainted he passed avay but she i s still there i hope it was not story or dream

  6. Did not they tell you about thier marriages or mating ,family system,their culture ,wt is thier religion? Do they blv in god?

  7. I totally understand all this point of views.
    Everything single one makes sense. I believe the truth is out there.

  8. The fact that the alien related that they are a biosynth’s (biosynthetic organisms) rings true. The rest though is cover story (earth is a prison planet ala scientology) since biosynths are created in the late 21st century.

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