Hundred Of UFOs In Brazil Causes Panic Among Citizens

Brazilians in the municipality of Magé, just north of Rio de Janeiro, reported seeing mysterious light objects or UFOs In Brazil in the night sky on Wednesday. 

Social networks were filled with dozens of videos of the strange objects, causing panic and all kinds of reactions to the presence of UFOs. 

Magé became trending on Twitter Wednesday morning when several people began sharing videos of bright lights in the sky. The images showed blue, red, and yellow orbs moving around the sky, even the lights in a triangular formation.

While the videos themselves are truly impressive, the real controversy started after the posts inexplicably disappeared , including the hashtag #MageUFO. On the other hand, in the Reddit category on UFOs, the publications of the Brazilian videos also began to disappear. 
Users accused Twitter and Reddit moderators of censorship. Twitter also declined to give any explanation.

While the Brazilian press reports that no one reported these objects to local authorities, there were many who said they had heard loud explosions and gunshots , in addition to witnessing how the military cordoned off the area and arrested anyone who tried to approach the place where the strange lights appeared

The truth is that more and more UFOs are being seen around the world, but the recent event is the most puzzling to date. It must also be said that Brazil is considered an important point for UFO activity . 
In 1957, journalist Ibrahim Sued received an envelope containing small pieces of metal from an anonymous source claiming that they were remnants of Ubatuba, in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, where an UFO had allegedly crashed. Although they were of extraterrestrial origin, the fragments were very pure magnesium.

It is unclear where the metal came from and it remains a mystery. The 1977 Colares “UFO Alert” made headlines when inhabitants on the island of Colares began reporting strange objects in the sky and mysterious injuries to their bodies. According to researcher and computer scientist Jacques Vallee, the objects witnessed on the island allegedly killed several people. Reports of radiation and thermal burns, as well as strange scars, filled the Brazilian government’s file on the incident.

UFOs In Brazil

After an official investigation, the government concluded that it found no evidence of unusual phenomena. But one of the strangest cases occurred in 1996 when several people claimed to have witnessed a strange alien creature wandering the streets of the city of Varginha. Described as the “devil” the 1.5-meter-long, big-skinned, brown-skinned being was first seen by three women on a January afternoon. Several other sightings were reported, and even the US Wall Street Journal reported the story.

While this latest UFO incident from Brazil will likely add to the countless mysteries that haunt the skies of South America, skeptics say the lights on Magé were simply paratroopers equipped with pyrotechnics, Chinese lanterns, or drones. But many of us feel that “something” is about to happen , and the pandemic is simply a “smokescreen.”

What do you think about the strange UFOs In Brazil Magé? Are you one of those who feel that something is about to happen?

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