Aliens are among us and they prepare a quarantine warns Nuclear physicist

There is now an endless debate about whether or not aliens exist, but what many people do not know is that beings from other worlds not only exist, but are among us, hidden in human forms.Anyone may think that this is an absurd and crazy idea, but more and more people believe and are convinced of it. According to former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer , there are 80 different types of extraterrestrial races living among humans, of which three are the most common types. The first type is the high white that collaborates with the United States Air Force in Area 51.(aliens are among us and  they prepare a quarantine)

The second type is the gray ones, which have very thin legs and arms, and are half a meter high. The last type is the breed of the Nordic blondes, similar to the inhabitants of Denmark or other European countries. But Hellyer is not the only politician to make these surprising statements. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev made a series of revelations during an interview. He said the extraterrestrial visits have been taking place for a long time and that there are aliens living among humans. And now a scientist has warned that aliens are already here on Earth and are waiting for the opportune moment to show themselves to the world population.(aliens are among us and  they prepare a quarantine)

Inevitable alien invasion

Stanton T. Friedman (82) is a renowned American nuclear physicist who graduated from the University of Chicago with a university degree and a Master of Science degree in Nuclear Physics. As a nuclear physicist he worked for large companies and military contractors, collaborating on top secret projects to build nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets, and nuclear power plants geared to operate in outer space. And he was also one of the first civilian investigators to study the Roswell UFO Incident.


aliens are among us and  they prepare a quarantine

But apart from this unbeatable curriculum, Friedman is convinced that aliens have already visited the Earth in the past, and most surprisingly, they would be living among us. The American physicist claims that “there is not a shadow of a doubt” that the existence of intelligent aliens was being disguised by governments worldwide as part of a secret project called “Embargo de la verdad.”

“We have enough to demonstrate without a shadow of a doubt that the planet Earth is being visited by aliens ,” Friedman told the British tabloid Daily Star . “This is kept hidden from people, but who wants a world in convulsion? There would be massive panic and generalized anguish. If they (the extraterrestrials) want to make themselves known, it’s easy, they will. “

Friedman also commented on WikiLeaks latest leaks on classified CIA documents detailing certain UFO sightings around the world. The physicist believes that these documents should reveal the truth. But the question that many are asked is: So, why are they here? Friedman says that extraterrestrials actually want to prevent humans from colonizing space and ultimately preparing a quarantine to prevent humanity from conquering other planets.

aliens are among us and  they prepare a quarantine

“I think they’re here to quarantine us, so we can not colonize other planets,” Friedman explained. “With our track record, we’re bad.”


The physicist has written several books and research on aliens and UFOs, and has described this conspiracy as the “Cosmic Watergate,” a clear reference to President Nixon’s cover-up scandal in the 1970s. Apparently our governments would be trying to use Extraterrestrial technology to achieve world supremacy.

“The first country to use extraterrestrial technology will govern the chicken coop. It’s also politics: the United States says they use that technology if they do the Russians or the Chinese, “concluded Friedman.

Could the use of extraterrestrial technology trigger a war? Probably. Will there be an extraterrestrial quarantine? Who knows. What is certain is that Friedman has a long history with military and government contractors, as well as in the field of ufology. Therefore, people should listen more seriously to the words of the renowned American physicist.


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