Valiant Thor, the “Extraterrestrial” who worked with the US government.

The man featured in the picture is Valiant Thor, an alien being from the planet Venus, who worked with the US government. In the mid-20th century.

Valiant Thor

Researcher Phil Schneider aroused a lot of controversy with his statements about aliens, and in particular what he said about a being named Valiant Thor at a conference back in 95, where he said that while working in the government’s secret operations, he met with The aforesaid Valiant.

Valiant Thor“Valiant Thor seems human, but he does have some important physiological differences and above all comes from Venus. He allegedly worked for the US government. From the year 1937 “. At least this is the story told by Schneider, a geologist and engineer who said he had Level 1 security clearance on the government’s secret projects. He helped build underground military bases and worked on the famous Area 51 base.

“He came in 1937, but sometime in the 1950s he left Earth on its spaceship,” wrote Frank E. Stranges. “Thor was about 2 meters tall, had brown hair, clear eyes and six fingers in each hand. He was about 500 years old, had an IQ of 1200 and the blood system was like an octopus. But the most surprising thing was that he could speak about 100 languages. ”

There are few military men who have talked about aliens as explicitly as Schneider . But there are also many who have believed in Schneider after watching his videos, as Gordon Duff, who called him a “UFO Phenomenon Real Exhibitor”, said in an issue of Veterans Today magazine.

Sadly, Schneider was found dead in his apartment on January 17, 1996 under suspicious circumstances. Many believe he was murdered despite the fact that it was reported that he was dealing with a suicide. What do you think? Leave us your comment!

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  1. No. 8 – ALIENS EXIST BUT WE NEVER MAKE CONTACT HERE: Aliens do exist but we will never be allowed in our time on this earth now to corrupt or pollute them. We will never make contact with them here in our time now. We meet the other created life God created after we reach heaven when Yeshua soon comes to take His people home.

    grays, reptillians, shadow people and other supposed aliens we think we see are either

    1. the product of genetic DNA modification experimentation.
    2. surgical mutilations.
    3. little people or children in suits.
    4. Physical mutilations of flesh using clamps/vices/weights
    5. Victims of certain bone diseases.
    6. demons.
    7. project bluebeam holograms.
    8. pixalized distortion on HDTV broadcast
    9. they never existed and are pure hollywood hype.

    for the first 4 they were probably either given the ‘god chip’ to control them or they’re mk ultra victims on psychotropic drugs and/or have been blackmailed with threats to the life of their family. At any rate, chances are high that the sudden interest or belief in aliens is a psy-op or psychological operation to get people who believe in them (some less awake conspiracy theorists) locked up in a padded room the rest of their lives. we know hollywood has been indoctrinating the masses with alien junk for decades and it seems as though they’ve infiltrated conspiracy theorists with silly ideas that we’ll see aliens as if they intend to use it to fool us in the future. that leads me to my next point: another potential is false alien invasion using project bluebeam (a 3d holographic projector) with lucifer supposedly ‘stopping their attack’ to look like the savior and then fooling people into serving him. At any rate, if you would do whatever an alien told you or if you would worship it or immediately consider it friendly you better watch yourself because chances are greatly higher that when the fake aliens come (demons disguised as aliens) you will do some really horrific things if they tell you to do it. (kill all jews, christians and muslims) UFOs are secret technology the government and military have that they don’t tell us about or perhaps some of the previous examples above such as project bluebeam holograms or demons making objects appear. Demons however are the most likely candidate as the meme explains and this video explains why:

    It’s also notable that Aleister Crowley once said ‘Today they call them angels, demons, tomorrow they will call them something else.’ Which is apparently why so many satanists online keep referring to all the bible characters originating from heaven as ‘aliens’ which is pure deception. To be sure, while satan and his demons are capable of taking on an alien form they are not really aliens nor are the christian God, the holy spirit, Gods Son Yeshua (Jesus) nor the angels aliens. If they were aliens we wouldn’t know what they are, but the bible makes their kind’s identity, and many times their given names clear as well as their fruits as to whether they are good or evil. Also in isaiah 14:12 lucifer does not mean ‘morning star’ in the original language despite what the NIV bible says (it’s one of the very few bible mistakes and we know the truth of it) which means the freemasons, illuminati and the rest of the occult are utterly deceived. yes, lucifer and satan are the same being at different times in history. both names are for the same being who is a monster and hates humanity with a passion. Therefore lucifer is not Jesus. In the bible, Jesus is the one called morning star, not lucifer. The king james version has it right however:

    “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!” -isaiah 14:12

    saying that ‘son of the morning’ is the same thing as ‘morning star’ is like saying that someone named ‘mike “the animal” smith’ is the same thing as another man called ‘Jimmy “the dawg” anderson’ just because they both have names with animal references in them. further, the names aren’t literally given to the two beings Jesus and lucifer as identities you’d normally call them everyday like the names ‘Jesus’ and ‘lucifer’ are used, they are merely descriptions of the beauty/glory (which lucifer has lost that glory but is only capable of the illusion of it while Jesus Christ still maintains His.

    Rupert Murdoch owns the rights to the NIV version of the bible and also owns the rights to the satanic verses bible if that explains why they tried to confuse lucifer with Jesus in the NIV. That is very likely the case. Details:

    Also for you believers in Zecharia Sitchin ancient alien nonsense, the man is a big fat liar and has been debunked: Anyone who lies the way he does is not a credible source and should be ignored or else they may be easily led down the primrose path of deception:

    1. Ancient Aliens Debunked – (full movie):

    2. Sitchin and Marshall Masters debunked:

    3. A challenge to the works of Zecharia Sitchin (Full Version):

    Below: look what’s been taking people to be raped *cough* probed and abducted all these years. It’s the rapeship enterprise. look at those PROUD builders. who knows which are the rapists? stick those chests out big!

    get this: ‘LAM of God’, ‘IS LAM’ you see this insidious perversion of truth? this proves yet further that it’s all an aleister crowley psy op being pushed by satanists.

    (Essay updated 7/25/2017)

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