Egyptian Pyramid

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Existed Before The First Egyptians

The Great Egyptian Pyramids are thought to have been built by the pharaoh around 4000 years ago. The pyramids were not only a visible symbol of the ruler’s authority and omnipotence during his lifetime, but they also became monuments after the death of the rulers. However, even if the function of the pyramids is more or less understood by modern science, the precise era of their creation remains unknown.

Egyptian Pyramids are Older than they are believed to be

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Existed Before The First Egyptians

Engineer and science writer John Anthony West made a shocking statement not long ago. One of the most remarkable monuments on the Giza Plateau, in his opinion, is far older than we realize and could not have been erected by ancient Egyptians.

The fact is that West uncovered furrows from streams of water on the rear of the sphinx, indicating that Egypt previously had a tropical climate. For millennia, though, there has been a desert. As a result, the Sphinx is over 7,000 years old.

Earlier, it was thought that the Great Sphinx was built on the orders of Pharaoh Khafre, who is also linked to the second-largest pyramid on the Giza Plateau. However, after discovering water traces on the Sphinx, they began looking for them on the pyramids. Of course, they discovered it.

The researchers discovered a hole at a height of two meters inside the Cheops pyramid, which was completely covered in shells. It is doubtful that the builders utilized a faulty brick to build the foundation. The shells could only signify one thing: the pyramid’s base was submerged. If that is the case, it is at least 9,000-10,000 years old.

Glaciers began to melt about 10,000 years ago as a result of rising temperatures, resulting in a 70-meter rise in the level of the World Ocean. Water swamped the base of the Cheops pyramid for a long period after that. The pyramids could be thousands of years old, believing that the Egyptian civilization commenced for around 3.5 thousand years ago. The Sphinx and pyramids, on the other hand, have been on the Giza Plateau for millennia. If not the Egyptians, who built them?

Astonishing Discoveries in South America

Years back, a cave was discovered in Ecuador that was simply full to the brim with fascinating objects. One of them was a stone pyramid with an eye carved into it. The pyramid stands 27 cm tall and has 13 steps. The scientists were baffled by this relic. The truth is that there are pyramids in the Western Hemisphere, such as the well-known Sun Pyramid in Mexico. This and other American pyramids, however, are not the same as Egyptian pyramids. They have a varied structure and slope. All of them are stepped, but the one discovered in Ecuador has smooth edges, steeper angles of inclination, resembles an Egyptian pyramid. It is also shocking to see an eye at the top of the pyramid.

The picture of the eye was not a prominent emblem for either the ancient Maya or the Aztecs. Another point to consider is Egypt, namely the Eye of the Horus, the most powerful symbol of Egyptian magic, which opposes evil powers. The pyramid was also given an eye.

The problem is that a small stone in the shape of a Pyramid, known as a pyramidion, was erected on top of the Egyptian pyramid. On the foot of the pyramid, however, experts have discovered even more mysterious and amazing images- five white dots associated with the constellation Orion. This constellation has traditionally served as a reference point for mariners in the Northern Hemisphere, but Ecuador is located in the Southern Hemisphere, where the Southern Hemisphere constellation reigns supreme.

In addition to the five white dots on the pyramid’s base, there were ancient writings that translated to ‘The Creator’s Son is Coming.” The pyramids appear to have been erected by a culture about whom we know nothing. And this civilization was so powerful that it had an impact on the entire globe.

Perhaps studying its relics- the pyramids themselves- can shed light on this enigmatic precivilization. How can we learn about this mysterious civilization? They have been researched from the outside, but their internal structure remains a mystery.

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