A man records a UFO coming out of a chemtrail

When most people look at the sky and see white stripes, it assumes that it is the trail of an airplane that has passed recently. But the reality could be another, evidence of a sinister plan to control the population. Scientists tell us that the contrails that follow an airplane are ice crystals that form when it rises through freezing temperatures to 30,000 feet. But those who believe in the theory of “chemtrails” They say the difference is that the stelae evaporate almost instantly, while the chemtrails persist and expand for hours. So it would be evidence that these artificial contrails in the sky contain chemicals that are designed to poison the population or control their minds. In this video, you can see a UFO coming out of a chemtrail

But chemtrails is not just a conspiracy theory, it is a reality. In 1952, the British government successfully carried out the top-secret project “Operation Cumulus” . The researchers “seeded clouds” to manipulate the weather. The British experiment was much more effective than planned. On August 15, 1952, they caused deadly floods in Lynmouth, Devon, England. After dozens of people died in the floods, “Operation Cumulus” was closed. The British Ministry of Defense denied its participation in the “cloud seeding” until 2001 when the documents that exposed it were declassified. So we can say that some chemtrails we see in the sky are more than contrails. But, now, is there any relationship between chemtrails and UFOs? Maybe a new video posted on the Internet showing a UFO coming out of a chemtrail will clear our doubts.

UFOs and chemtrails

In what can be considered an unusual convergence of conspiracy theories, a man who directs a YouTube channel about the Bigfoot “chased” chemical trails when I recorded a UFO. Marc Abell, head of the “Colorado Bigfoot” channel, was recording the moment when a plane left a wake behind him over Vail, Colorado.

For Abell, the changes in color and shape in the wake were evidence that the plane was spraying something instead of water vapor and the exhaust of the usual engines. However, at one point you can clearly see a mysterious white object that suddenly appears near the wake.

“I have it,” says Abell in the video. “It is spraying. Look at that, guys, this is what they are doing to us. What is following it? Guys, it’s too crazy, what’s that? ”

The investigator decides to stop following the plane and follows the UFO. Abell watched until he could no longer see him, but returned the next day, to the same place, at the same time to be able to witness the same. If it really was a secret military plane or an alien ship, in the video it seemed to move under the chemtrail, apparently being much smaller than the plane.

Now, some conspiracy theorists claim that this video demonstrates a relationship between UFOs and chemtrails. It seems that these unusual flying objects originate (or are attracted) by some chemical trails or persistent trails and appear to be performing some type of activity within them. Even everything seems to indicate that they could be robotic in nature.

Experts in the field say that UFOs in chemtrails are surrounded by a gaseous substance and/or reflective or light-emitting surface that contains one or more spherical objects. They are probably self-propelled and do not release easily and fall from the sky. These objects have the ability to remain stationary and fly in and out of chemical trails or chemtrails.

UFO leaving chemtrail - A man records a UFO coming out of a chemtrail

Although perhaps its origin is not of extraterrestrial origin. Advanced Defense Research Projects (DARPA), the US Department of Defense agency responsible for the development of new technologies for military use, has several research projects on robotic “smart dust” that are microscopic to half a centimeter in size, some of which can communicate with each other and perform various tasks.

Now that you have all this information, what do you think about the UFO coming out of a chemtrail?

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