Ancient Texts That Challenge The Mainstream Human History

Several ancient texts describing the origins of humans and ancient civilization have been discovered over the passage of time challenging mainstream human history. These texts have come out as controversial as these texts propose theories that are baffling.

Ancient Texts That Challenge The Mainstream Human History
Representation of human-like creatures before the existence of Adam and Eve

These ancient texts narrate the existence of ancient people who lived on Earth before Adam and Eve existed. As consequence, it challenges the mainstream human history that has been the foundation of the research so far. A few fragments of these books entirely destroy the existing theories and compel the researchers to reconsider the base of modern society. In this article, we have come up with a few ancient texts that challenge mainstream human history.

The Kolbrin Bible

A secular wisdom text that was read at the time of Jesus and has been reverently preserved by generations of Celtic mystics in the United Kingdom. This manuscript is considered to be the first Jewish document that proposes the origin of humans, their evolution, and intellectual development.

The Kolbrin Bible is said to be a compilation of ancient Egyptian and Celtic scriptures. It is commonly viewed as a hoax and is believed to be around 3,600 years old having been used to support 2012 apocalypse ideas. The Kolbrin Bible comprises eleven books.

The first six books termed the “Bronzebook,” are supposed to have been scribed by Egyptian authors immediately after the Exodus. The final five volumes are generally referred to as “Coelbook” or “Kailedy” and are supposed to have been composed around the time the New Testament was being created by Celtic priests.

The book descriptively narrates the existence of ancient people who inhabited Earth before Adam and Eve. A few renowned researchers have even classified the text as the first antediluvian ‘Bible’. Interestingly, the manuscript also talks about the fallen angels.

Kolbrin Bible

The Book of Enoch

The Book of Enoch narrates Enoch’s travels off Earth, supernatural and heavenly places inaccessible to other human beings! The impressive and fantastic Book of Enoch is one of the most important ancient texts, unfortunately, it was excluded from the Bible.

In this writing, the patriarch and antediluvian prophet Enoch made supernatural trips, managing to fly over the Earth, the celestial bodies, and reaching the dimension of the Heavens. The Book of Enoch was almost introduced into the Bible but was rejected as “apocryphal. ” However, Enoch is a respected patriarch and is mentioned several times by other Biblical and Christian authors.

Book Of Enoch

The first section of the book narrates the fall of the Watchers, the angels who consummated with human women and fathered the Nephilim. Then Enoch’s ascension into the dimension of Heaven is described, with the aim of interceding before God (for the Watchers).

It should be noted that there are other books attributed to Enoch. In the so-called Book 3 other detailed surreal journey of Enoch to heaven and where the prophet grows into the archangel Metatron. According to the Hebrew Bible, the Heavens, the dimension of the god Yahweh, cannot be accessed by human beings. Enoch was an exception (before Jesus) and that makes him a very special prophet.

The Book of Giants

This book is believed to be around 2000 years and it was discovered decades ago in the caves of Qumran as part of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The story of the extermination of the Nephilim is present in the Book of the Giants, a rare Jewish text found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Nephilim, the giant sons of the Fallen Angels and human women, brought excessive chaos and perversion to humanity.

They taught us about witchcraft and war and they also drank human blood. One of the giants, Mahway, son of the angel Barakel, had a premonitory dream where a colossal tablet is submerged in water. When it emerges, all written names have been erased, except three.

This clearly was a harbinger of the Universal Flood and the unique salvation of Noah and his sons. Ohya, another giant, also had these premonitory dreams and deduced that they are omens of themselves and that they announce the destruction by the Flood in which they will perish.

Vedas: Ancient Sanskrit, Hindu Scriptures

Deepak Shimkhada, Professor of Hindu Studies states that the Vedas, which is the ancient Hindu scriptures, contain worlds of information from the gods. Architecture, science, technology and weaponry were all advanced in ancient India when God who are believed to be alien handed down information. The Earthquake proof Indian temples are a sight to watch and witness the capability of ancient advanced civilization.

A temple, Surang Tila Temple, was examined by Dr. Deepak and he stated that a glue-like substance used as mortar is 20 times as strong as concrete and paper won’t fit between the seams. Keeping this fact in mind, he indicated that aliens imparted great construction knowledge written in an ancient Sanskrit scripture called the Mayamatam.

Provided by a deity named Mayasura, the Mayamatam provides knowledge about this super-gorilla-glue among other things. Naturally, Tsoukalos required very little proof concerning aliens’ impact. On the contrary, though, comparable constructions such as the Sacsayhuaman in Peru are probably more durable and better built.

The Sushrate Samhita is an ancient Indian medical literature that was delivered to the Indian subcontinent by an extraterrestrial named Dhanvantari. Dhanvantari is a constellation that originates in the Milky Way.

In other terms, it’s an encyclopedia of ancient extraterrestrial medicine. It covers a variety of ailments and treatments associated with Ayurvedic medicine (traditional Indian medicine). For instance, a skull with holes was discovered in 2011. According to some, the Sushrate Samhita was utilized for brain surgery.

Alternatively, it might have been an old kind of torture or medical experimentation. It’s as if the ancient astronaut theorists had never heard of The Tuskegee Experiments or Josef Mengele.

These are a few ancient texts that clearly states that an advanced civilization existed in the past, or else how do we explain phenomenal buildings and structures which are not even affected by strong natural calamities. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comment section.

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