Ancient Tibetan texts predicted the coronavirus pandemic 2,500 years ago

About 2,500 years old Ancient Tibetan texts contain a surprisingly modern description of a substance that could cause an epidemic of lung disease.
Interestingly, the epidemic described in ancient texts was eerily similar to the coronavirus outbreak the world is experiencing right now
The substance is stated to be round and has blunt extensions, which is similar to the description of the coronavirus.

According to a 2500 years old manuscript called Gyud-Zhi, doctors in Tibet and the Himalayas already understood the cause of the mass epidemic and even described the substance that causes such epidemics.

According to the Indian website Deccan Herald, this manuscript contains medical information and reflections on the probable causes of diseases.
It was recently discovered that the epidemic described in the manuscript is very similar to the modern outbreak of coronavirus infection.
This epidemic is called nyen-rim in the text.

Ancient Tibetan Texts Predicted The Coronavirus Pandemic 2,500 Years Ago

The text begins with a description of the fact that in the era of Kali-yuga, people will become excessively greedy.
Humans will behave incorrectly, selfishly, and will abuse spiritual forces, struggle over religions, they will take oaths of war, and will use force to destroy the lives of people and animals.
This behavior disrupts the work of the spirit world (Mara) and the Dakini world (the world of Gods and Goddesses), which ultimately will lead to the spread of epidemics among people through breathing, which will quickly become massive (pandemics).
Those who fall prey to Nyen Rim will experience lung problems, shortness of breath, cough, abdominal pain, fever, sweating, weakness, dark acne on the body, and an infection in the intestines that leads to diarrhea, pneumonia.

What follows are surprising reports that the substance causing this condition is round and has “blunt expansion”. 
If you look at the coronavirus through a microscope, it is round in shape and has blunt expansions. 
Surprisingly, there were no microscopes 2500 years ago. 
How could the ancient Tibetans know about this?

Ancient Tibetan Texts Predicted The Coronavirus Pandemic 2,500 Years Ago

The Tibetan text indicates that this substance enters the human body through the upper layer of the skin, and then into muscle tissues, blood channels, bones, and then spreads to vital organs. 

It can also enter the body through the eyes, ears, mouth, nose, anal canal, and urethra. 
It is specifically indicated that most often it gets through the mouth and nose, therefore, to protect themselves, people need to wear masks.

In the ancient Tibetan text, this substance is not called “coronavirus“, and referred to as “tre tre ho”.
It is indicated that a person cannot see it and that it moves with great speed (like lightning) and consists of “elements of fire and wind”.

It is written in the Ancient Tibetan texts, to cure a person of the epidemic caused by this substance, it is necessary to give him various special herbs and recite mantras. 
Herbs are to be given in the form of decoctions, powders, pills, pastes, tonics, and medicinal beers. 
Blessed amulets and some herbs are tied around the patient’s neck to prevent other epidemics.

Also, the prescription for treatment includes prevention of panic and mental clarity, because nervousness and anxiety cause the infection to spread even more.

“If the problem can be solved, don’t worry; if the problem cannot be solved, don’t worry. Worrying will not solve any problem.”

 8th century Buddhist monk named Shantideva.

Another prediction of Coronavirus other than the Tibetan texts

In the summer of 2008, an elderly psychic who began receiving premonitions at age 5 published a book that contained a sinister prediction. 
Around 2020, a serious pneumonia-like illness will spread around the world, attack the lungs and bronchial tubes, and resist all known treatments. 
Almost more puzzling than the disease itself will be the fact that it will suddenly disappear as quickly as it came, but it will strike again ten years later and then it will disappear completely.

The prediction faded from public memory and the book’s author, Sylvia Browne, died in 2013. But the coronavirus pandemic has drawn new attention to Browne’s book, titled “End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies about the End of the World. ” 

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